Blizzard Opts Out of Gamescom 2019

Blizzard Opts Out of Gamescom 2019

A new blog post on the Blizzard official website, they have announced that they won’t be attending Gamescom this year.

Blizzard Opts Out of Gamescom 2019

Deciding to opt out of Gamescom 2019 which takes place in Cologne, Germany later this year, Blizzard explain in their latest post why they won’t be attending. This is the first time they will not have attended Gamescom since 2009, which was the very first time it took place. Their reason is to concentrate on “renewed” game development according to their statement:

As part of a renewed effort this year to maintain our focus on development, for our current games and our future projects, we won’t have a booth at gamescom 2019. The show is an important one for the European and global gaming community, and we’re going to miss meeting players in Cologne this year. You’ll still be able to find Blizzard gear in the gamescom 2019 shop area, and we’re looking forward to returning to the gamescom show floor in the future. We’re also looking forward to sharing more details about the projects we’re currently working on when the time is right.

By not attending the convention means we won’t be hearing any major announcements or updates about anything Diablo related probably until Blizzcon 2019, which takes place on November 1st to 2nd at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Blizzard have already shared their dates for Blizzcon 2019, which celebrates its 25 years of the original Warcraft game. This is likely where they will concentrate their efforts for announcements this year.

For more Blizzard news be sure to read next BlizzCon 2019 Dates Announced Along With Collectibles. You can also read about the latest addition to Gamsecom this year inGamescom 2019: Opening Night Live To Be Produced By Geoff Keighley.


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3 comments on “Blizzard Opts Out of Gamescom 2019”

  1. Palimar says:

    I wonder if this is due to them scrambling to find something to come out with, since a mobile Diablo game was not so well received. :nail biting:

  2. Avatar Yuria says:

    You could be right there :-/ Its a shame for the EU fans.

  3. Nahztek-Shadowpath says:

    Warcraft 3 remake.
    Official Vanilla WoW servers.

    It’s clear that these companies get to a point where they put so much money into PR/ads that they can’t even make new good games. So instead they resort to old classic that they know old nostalgic gamers like me will happily scoop up and play.

    I would rather have a legit Warcraft 4, but I long ago accepted that this will never happen.
    I feel the same way about Elder Scrolls 6. Despite teases, I’ve given up on it ever happening.

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