Blizzard Confirms Diablo Project Through Job Listing

Blizzard Confirms Diablo Project Through Job Listing

On the career’s page on the Blizzard Entertainment website, new job listings have popped up revealing some interesting projects in the pipeline. These include an unannounced Diablo project.

Blizzard Confirms Diablo Project Through Job Listing

Some listings have appeared on the career page of the Blizzard website including positions for the unannounced Diablo project, these include Dungeon Artist, Environment Artist, Senior Dungeon Artist, Technical Artist, VFX Artist and even Creative Director position. All positions are located in Irvine, California at Blizzard Headquarters.

While the listings are brief, we do get a some hints as to what they are developing with the tag line “The minions of Hell are growing stronger…” and “working on a new, unannounced Diablo project.” Whether this is Diablo IV (which has been part of the E3 2018 rumours), a remake or a new entry entirely is unknown.

Adding to further mystery, there are listings relating to two further unannounced projects including “a new experience for mobile” and “a robust first-person engine for an unannounced project.” This means a new mobile title and possible first person shooter is in the works. No further information has been released at this stage but we will keep you posted.

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