Bless Unleashed Gets PC Teaser Trailer

Bless Unleashed Gets PC Teaser Trailer

Bless Unleashed is coming to PC via Steam this August, and gets teaser trailer ahead of its launch.

Bless Unleashed Gets PC Teaser Trailer

Bless Unleashed is finally…unleashing next month on PC via Steam. The game has been going through a number of beta tests over the past 18 months or so, but develop Neowiz Game has shared a short teaser trailer showing a glimpse of the action.

Bless Unleashed is a fantasy MMORPG built with Unreal Engine 4. It was first launched as “Bless Online” but was then overhauled and rebooted as Bless Unleashed. The new version released on Xbox One and Playstation 4, but the PC version has spent a long time in the making.

Bless Unleashed is a free-to-play MMORPG that introduces players to the world of Lumios, where you will fight mighty monsters, or go against other players, as you search for the truth behind the strange daunting visions and hidden secrets.

The game features combo-driven mechanics, player customisation, co-op PVE and PVP content. Giving the option of a number of classes to play including Berserkers, Mages, Rangers, Priests and Crusaders. You can even choose from Blessing Skills to help tailor your character to your preferred playstyle.

Currently, those who pre-register can gain a number of bonuses including seven days of premium benefits, a Quackers mount, bag expansion ticket, recovery scroll, Potion of Recovery II x 20 and Potion of Recovery III x 10.

You can check out the trailer below for a peek of what’s to come:

Bless Unleashed will be releasing on PC via Steam on August 6th.

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