Black Legend New Enemies Revealed Including Murderous Musicians

Black Legend New Enemies Revealed Including Murderous Musicians

Developer Warcave has revealed more details about enemies in upcoming strategy RPG Black Legend.

Black Legend New Enemies Revealed Including Murderous Musicians

The upcoming Black Legend game is expecting a release date at some point, in anticipation of this, developer Warcave have revealed some new details about enemies players will encounter, as well as some the inspiration behind the game.

Black Legend has creatures inspired by Belgian and Dutch folklore, each having ancient roots going back further than the Early Middle Ages. Creative Director, Menno van der Heijden shared a bit more about these stories and why they have stuck around:

These stories have survived for centuries because they speak to something within us and resonate with human experience, and we’re excited to put a spotlight on Belgian and Dutch folk stories in Black Legend. The creatures we’ve chosen are a perfect fit for the world we’ve built, and really add to the immersive, story-based experience we want players to have with the game.

Black Legend is a chance for those not so familiar with European folklore to explore and encounter for the first time some of these interesting creatures. These include the Old Red Eyes, described as a “cannibalistic shapeshifter”, a towering as tall as 7 ft with glowing red eyes. There is also Lord Halewijn, who lures unsuspecting victims with a magical song, either beheading them or turning them to stone.

It’s safe to say, each of these foes sounds terrifying, you can read all the details about each below:

Old Red Eyes: 

Traditionally, this cannibalistic shapeshifter appears as both a large 7 foot / 2.1-meter tall man and as a large black dog with fiery red eyes. This beast is best known for stealing children from their beds and then eating them. During the 20th century, a new monster grew from the legend of Old Red Eyes. Stories of the Nekker, discussed further below, are believed to have roots in the legend of Old Red Eyes.


The Nekker has many names, including Nyx, Williger, Icker and more, and is most commonly described as a large, shape-shifting water demon. This beast preys on children who get too close to water, or on adults who are lured to water by the demon disguised as a drowning child in need of help. Once captured, the Nekker sucks its victim’s blood using a hook and then captures the soul in an upside-down urn.

Witte Wieven:

These White Women or Wise Women appear in stories from various parts of western Europe, dating back to at least the 7th century, pre-Christian era. Appearing in white garments, often in groups of three, who could help or hinder people who encounter them. If aggravated, Witte Wieven are known to roast and eat cats, make people disappear by spiriting them away, and are known to steal babies from their cradles, never to be returned.

Lord Halewijn:
Elements of this ancient, terrifying tale date back to the 7th century AD, and is one of the oldest Dutch folk songs recorded. Several versions of this story exist, but the common theme is Lord Halewijn, an evil being referred to as a demon, faery lord or magician who sings a magical, luring song. Anyone drawn to him by this song is murdered, either by beheading or by being turned to stone.

Blood Carriage:

Possibly derived from Germanic god Wodan’s army of the dead, the Blood Carriage is a terrifying tale of three masked men who prowl the night looking for children to abduct in their blood-dripping carriage. Any children found outside after dark were abducted and brought to the demons or ‘Toecutters’ who stay hidden in the cart. Depending on the version of the tale, the children were killed and their bodies sent away, or the demon would cut off their toes and feast on their blood.

In case you missed it Warcave previously released details about the full class list for Black Legend, which includes 15 playable classes, as well as they introduced the alchemy battle system.

Black Legend will launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X in Q1 2021.

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