Bioware’s Anthem Goes Gold

Bioware’s Anthem Goes Gold

Bioware have announced that their upcoming sci-fi action-RPG Anthem has officially gone gold, this means Anthem will be ready to roll come release date on February 22nd.

Bioware’s Anthem Goes Gold

The lead cinematic animator Tal Peleg shared a short but affirmative tweet that simply reads “GOLD” with a picture of Anthem in a golden hue. This indicates that the upcoming action third person RPG from Bioware has wrapped up it’s development and is ready to ship out on launch day. Going gold is an industry standard that means the developers have finished their game, the final master copy has been made and is ready to be produced for retail.

This is great news as it means fans can expect for the game to release on time. It was early this month that EA and Bioware announced the demo dates for Anthem.

Also Lead Producer Micheal Gamble has announced the arrival of Social Hubs, meaning up to 16 players can hang out at the Launch Bay:

Anthem comes to PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on February 22nd, pre-orders are available via Amazon. The demo will be available to VIP players on January 25th to 27th (those who pre-order or have EA Access or Origin Access) and for everyone else on Friday February 1st until Sunday February 3rd 2019. The demo is already available to download for preload come VIP demo days

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One comment on “Bioware’s Anthem Goes Gold”

  1. Avatar announakis says:

    great…because from where I stand, playing the demo on PS4, despite blabla about this being a 6months old build, it is simply not ready at all:
    I have tried connecting for about one hour facing loading screens of death over and over to finally get in a session and at the end of the dungeon….boom, loading screen of death…lost everything
    like I did nothing after one hour of playing the dungeon in coop
    not an XP, not a weapon.

    the game is great….when you can play it…the most time “playing” the game is spent reloading over and over and praying you can get in a session

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