Bioware Releases Part 1 of Anthem Gameplay Series Trailer

Bioware Releases Part 1 of Anthem Gameplay Series Trailer

Bioware and EA have dropped the first part of their Anthem Gameplay series trailers that introduces the story, progression and customization in upcoming action-RPG.

Bioware Releases Part 1 of Anthem Gameplay Series Trailer

Delving deeper into the details revolving around “Story, Progression and Customization” the video shows javelins, progression and how players can customise their characters in-game. It also highlights more about the Freelancers which is the premise for venturing into the monster filled planet.

The video puts emphasis on customization when it comes to playstyle, showing the example of the Ranger class that can have different loadouts to cover a few different options including “firepower”, “solo” and “support”. Players can have a dedicated loadout depending on their need. Each class can carry a set of two weapons.

The trailer also shares more about how story and quests are devised. Players can head to their hub to pick up quests from crew members. You also have the option to explore the open-world freely in what they call “free-play”.

Check out the latest trailer and screenshots below:

Anthem will be released on February 22nd for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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