Bioware Announce Anthem VIP Demo and Demo Dates

Bioware Announce Anthem VIP Demo and Demo Dates

Last updated on January 24th, 2019

EA and Bioware announce the start date for the Anthem demos, players who have pre-ordered and subscribed to EA’s services will be able to play the VIP demo. Along with the VIP demo dates, also comes news of the free demo dates as well.

Bioware Announce Anthem VIP Demo and Demo Dates

While the NDA Alpha has had access by certain players since last year, the developers now share when pre-order players will gain access to the demo. Those who have pre-ordered Anthem or have EA Access (Origin Access) will be able to play the VIP demo starting January 25th to 27th 2019. Those who participate in the demo will receive an exclusive in-game item once the game is released. So far Bioware have not revealed what this in-game item is.

A week later will be the launch of the demo which can be accessed by everyone on Friday February 1st until Sunday February 3rd 2019. Sometimes the betas get a couple extra days if the demo does well, if Bioware or EA decide to extend the dates.

Both demos will contain the same content, letting players choose between the Ranger or the other yet to be announced Javelin suit. Players will be able to visit the game hub Fort Tarsis and experience a few available missions. The demo will let those who partake level from 10 to level 15, but no progress will carry over when the game is released.

Anthem comes to PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on February 22nd, pre-orders are available via Amazon.

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