Biomutant: Gameplay trailer released for this quirky action-RPG

Biomutant: Gameplay trailer released for this quirky action-RPG

Agameplay trailer has been released for the upcoming action RPG, Biomutant. It shows off the melee and gun combat, as well as featuring some of the game’s gadgets.

Biomutant: Also known as, Rocket Raccoon the ARPG?

In Biomutant, you’re given many options to customise your mutant. So whilst he may look – and fight – a little like Rocket Raccoon at some points in this trailer (albeit switching anger for meditation), he doesn’t necessarily have to stay that way – and probably won’t.

It looks like a really fun action RPG. The world setting is pretty quirky and with gadgets such as gliders, there’s a lot of scope for exploring it. The video below focuses on character creation, with commentary by the developer.

Biomutant will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One consoles.

Are you looking forward to Biomutant? If so, what kind of a mutant would you like to create? Please comment below & let us know.

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2 comments on “Biomutant: Gameplay trailer released for this quirky action-RPG”

  1. Avatar announakis says:

    this looks a bit more interesting every time…this should turn out good I think.

  2. Avatar Caradox says:

    When I just saw a screenshot of it, I wasn’t that interested, announakis. I just thought it was some kind of a cutesy Redwall-esque RPG. I couldn’t have been more wrong though and in action it looks decent. I’ll let you know when we get any more news about it.

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