BioMutant New Game Details & Screenshots!

BioMutant New Game Details & Screenshots!

Game developer Experiment 101 recently sat down with IGN  and discussed several aspects of BioMutant,  their upcoming post-apocalyptic action-RPG, revealing more details on its open-world features, inspirations and such.

BioMutant – Coming Next Year!

The interview opened up by delving in BioMutant‘s  influences, with its studio head Stefan Ljungqvist, describing a mishmash of both Western and Asian mythology and media as its sources. Such as “Kung Fu Panda, Ratchet & Clank, Devil May Cry, and other open world games like Breath of the Wild.”


Next, we learn the scope of its open-world design. Spanning “16 square kilometers, or approx. 6 square miles, plus some underworld areas”.  Players can freely explore the game world as long as they have the means to. Some examples provided is that “a puff-blimp (air balloon)”  is needed to be able to reach mountain tops while a “Goop” (Jet Ski) is required for traveling between islands.

Also, Ljungqvist briefly outlined BioMutant‘s  plot and the effects of player choices within it. In that there are beasts nibbling away at the Tree of Life’s massive roots, slowly killing it. And players can choose to side with them or defeat them, or aid the Tree in its survival. Each choice will deeply impact the game’s ending.


Then there are the “Tribes”, six factions evenly split between the Yin and the Yang. And apparently, each one of them has their own style of martial arts, along with a settlement and a “Kung Fu Master”.  Who will offer to teach players their respective techniques should they ally with them. Also, where there are clans, there is tension. And players can tilt this delicate balance by crushing a Tribe and sparking a war.

BioMutant  has an interesting take on special abilities, which is dubbed as “PSI-Mutations”. Players can gain new skills by exposing themselves to “radioactive machines”  found throughout the underworld regions, but with the caveat in the form of side effects. And as to what kind, was not shared.

Then there are the “Biomutations”,  unlockable upgrades or physical mutations, which can be triggered by “finding these special “pools” of contaminated oil sludge”  and the like. These upgrades can help in combat and exploration. Furthermore, players can craft their very own weapons using scraps and materials found throughout the game world.


Finally, when asked about DLC, Ljungqvist responded by saying: “the focus is on making the core game as good as possible, and while the team is always thinking of possible ways to expand the game and its universe, right now there are no announced plans for DLC content.”


Below, you’ll find the new screenshots showing off BioMutant‘s  world in 4K!

If you’d like more, you can check out this 25 minute long gameplay footage of BioMutant  and this premium $119.99 Collector’s Edition of the game. And did you know that the game’s studio was just fully acquired?

BioMutant  is planned for a release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on PC via Steam sometime in 2018.

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