Biomutant ‘May The Furrth’ Trailer Celebrates Stars Wars

Biomutant ‘May The Furrth’ Trailer Celebrates Stars Wars

Playing homage to May 4th, Biomutant releases its own Star Wars inspired trailer called ‘May The Furrth”.

Biomutant ‘May The Furrth’ Trailer Celebrates Stars Wars

The latest trailer for Biomutant might look very familiar as it uses May 4th or “May The Furtth” as inspiration for this trailer. Taking advantage of Biomutant’s character creation system which can even makes the main character look kind of similar to a young Yoda, (but just not green and without Yoda’s iconic speech patterns) the main character in this feature can be seen exploring the world with what looks to be a toilet brush in hand and the trailer even gets a classic end screen.

Biomutant’s release date is fast approaching, as it will launch later this month. It will let players create their own furry creature, complete with DNA options, and character features that are influenced by its physical appearance including head size correlating to intellect. As for how you will defend yourself from the number of fuzzy but dangerous creatures out there, you will use martial arts styled combat with a mix of shooting, melee and powers that stem from mutation.

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Biomutant will storm onto Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, GOG, the Epic Games Store and Origin on May 25th.

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