Biomutant Confirmed To Be Still in Development

Biomutant Confirmed To Be Still in Development

Developer Experiment 101 released a message today reaffirming that Biomutant is still in development.

Biomutant Confirmed To Be Still in Development

Earlier today Embracer Group, the parent company of publisher THQ Nordic released their Q3 interim report. One of the highlighted statements was about Biomutant, which was shared by THQ, about when they will be announcing the release of the game. With 20 people currently working on it has taken some time to finalised according to THQ.

The never ending question when Biomutant will be released is still owed to all fans out there. The reality is that the team is small, around 20 people, so the finalization takes longer than with a larger team. THQ Nordic will announce the release date when they are certain they will be able to release a product that can live up to expectations.

This was followed by a message from the developer, Experiment 101 on Twitter, assuring fans that Biomutant is very much still in development. While their message doesn’t share an exact release date, they did express that they will let fans know once they feel “confident about hitting that date…”

We know that many of you are wondering if the game is still in development. Let us assure you that we’ve never been working harder and more focused on it than now!

We are doing everything we can to make this the best game all of us have ever worked on and that it will be as entertaining and great as we can possibly make it.

We can only hope for your continued support and patience as we complete the final stages of its development.

As some of you might understand or know, the work involved in finishing a game is long, challenging, and unpredictable. The sheer magnitude, size, and length of Biomutant adds to said effort.

We will reveal the release date as soon as everyone at our studio feels confident about hitting that date and that the game is ready for it.

Again, thank you for your understanding and for your continued support and enthusiasm for our game.

From us at Experiment 101.

Biomutant has already been delayed from a couple of times, but has yet to receive a release window. Last time we spoke to the developers was at Gamescom 2019 last year, where they showed some gameplay, character customisation as well as more of the fun and furry world. We are definitely looking forward to hearing more about the game when the devs are ready to show more.

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