Bethesda Won’t Be Hosting a Digital E3 Showcase in 2020

Bethesda Won’t Be Hosting a Digital E3 Showcase in 2020

With the current Coronavirus situation disrupting many industries at the moment, Bethesda has announced they won’t be hosting a digital E3 2020 showcase.

Bethesda Won’t Be Hosting a Digital E3 Showcase in 2020

E3 2020 earlier last month  was announced to not be going ahead due to the current situation, most likely heading into a digital format this year instead. Bethesda have announced that they won’t be hosting a digital showcase at E3 this year. Companies such as Ubisoft and Microsoft have already announced they will be holding press conferences digitally, but this will not be the case for Bethesda.

In a tweet, Pete Hines senior vice president of global marketing and comms at Bethesda explained they were not planning to take part in a digital showcase in June. However, they will be sharing news about their upcoming games “in the coming months”.

So while we won’t be seeing a showcase on the highly anticipated new sci-fi IP Starfield and the next entry in the franchise Elder Scrolls VI, we still can hope to see some news this year hopefully for these two games. Bethesda announced both ES VI and Starfield back in E3 2018, and we’re still awaiting more details on both of these projects.

Of course this has not dampened any rumours, with the most recent being earlier this year pertaining ES VI is ready to head into full production. This was due to jobs listings on the official website, making it look like Bethesda has now come to the end of production for Starfield. While there is no official word on this, this does leave fans hopeful.

What are you most excited to hear about? StarfieldElder Scrolls 6 or both? Let us know in the comments below.

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