Bethesda Reveal Fallout 76 Roadmap of Free Content for 2019

Bethesda Reveal Fallout 76 Roadmap of Free Content for 2019

The developer Bethesda have revealed a new roadmap for Fallout 76 featuring free content updates throughout 2019.

Bethesda Reveal Fallout 76 Roadmap of Free Content for 2019

In a post on the Bethesda website, the developer has outlined the upcoming updates for the Fallout 76 while addressing some of the player concerns. They acknowledge the rough start the game has had, and want to help improve the title “together”:

…we know the game had a difficult launch, and we’ve made mistakes along the way. We share in your frustrations when we do. We’ll probably make a few more, and when we do, we will work to correct them as quickly as possible. Know that we’re fully dedicated to making this game the best it can be – and even more so, a platform for endless Fallout adventures for years to come.

In addition to continue to make adjustments to the game, Bethesda have a year long plan for updates which will be free content for players. The plan is split into three parts, the first called Wild Appalachia coming in Spring 2019, the second Nuclear Winter that is set to launch in Summer, and lastly Wasterlanders coming in Fall. These include the new survival mode that was announced back in January, which comes with quests and new features for Spring. High level vault raids, new mode called Nuclear Winter for Summer, as well as further quests, events and features towards the end of the year.

While this will bring more content for players to enjoy, it might not meet the expectation for those who were hoping for a different kind of Fallout online experience. It’s positive news that Bethesda are going to add more content through 2019, as well as continue to listen to the community for feedback.

Fallout 76 is currently available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  1. ckmishn says:

    I don’t see anything about private servers or mod support. It seems the last person will have quit playing before that happens.

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