Bethesda Assures Fallout 76 Will Not Go Free-To-Play

Bethesda Assures Fallout 76 Will Not Go Free-To-Play

The rumour-mill has been spinning as fans express concerns about Fallout 76 going free-to-play when a shortage of Fallout 76 copies was brought to light in Australia.

Bethesda Assures Fallout 76 Will Not Go Free-To-Play

Recently a customer who visited their local EB Games to find that Fallout 76 was in short supply, of course alerting the internet to the lack of copies available in Australia.

This rumour however turned out to be untrue, a user tweeted out on Twitter that they wanted their money back if Fallout 76 went free-to-play. The tweet read: “Fallout 76 goes Free-to-Play, I want my money back. Straight up. 500 Atoms ain’t gonna cut it this time. As a diehard fan, there’d be no coming back to that slap in the face.”

The response from Bethesda was short and straight to the point “There is no truth to this rumor”.

EB Games also responded to the tweet saying that it was “categorically incorrect” and that the title was still “an active product”. While the customer’s concern was more to do with the standard edition availability, EB Games did respond that the Tricentennial Edition was still available.

The rumour although seems quite a jump to make from shortage of the game instore, there has been a bit of battle with the recent news of the Replacement Canvas Bags For Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition and the price of in-game items that could leave some fans a little sceptical.

Fallout 76 is currently available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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3 comments on “Bethesda Assures Fallout 76 Will Not Go Free-To-Play”

  1. ckmishn says:

    Gearbox denied Battleborn was going "free to play". At this point I don’t take Bethesda’s word any more than Gearbox’s.

  2. game_crash says:

    Too many unclear moments about Fallout 76. Happy I still haven’t bought it. And after every article I read my wish to buy becomes smaller and smaller.

  3. Avatar Elven_Mafia says:

    I don’t really believe in free-to-play because either it is quickly becoming a pay-to-win or servers just overcrowding with a lot of people. It’s been my experience that p2p model in various solid MMOs like Lineage Classic is much more better for pleasant microclimate than f2p. Developers need to raise money for further development overwise they are forced to implement those shitty VIP packages or lootboxes. I have some experience playing both on f2p NA servers and pay-to-pay Skelth and believe my I’m done with f2p. The same applies to Fallout 76.

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