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Beidou Guide, Wolf of Land and Sea Build | Genshin Impact | Abyss Ready

In this Genshin Impact Guide I’m going to be showing you my Wolf of Land and Sea Build for Beidou, which specialize in both single target and AOE DPS. It relies on Proccing Beidou‘s Elemental Burst the maximum number of times, using the rapid normal attacks of Kokomi. Beidou covers mostly the AOE aspect of the team, and then we add Albedo to emphasize it further. Finally, Ningguang adds massive single target DPS to kill any stragglers or enemies left behind after Beidou finishes her Burst. This team has Geo resonance, adding global damage modifiers to all team members, whether they are Geo, Electro, or Hydro. It’s a very comfortable combination to play, that doesn’t rely on specific reactions to function.

Beidou Guide, Wolf of Land and Sea Build | Genshin Impact | Abyss Ready

In this Genshin Impact Guide I’ll explain just how to build Beidou to her maximum capacity, to deal good AOE damage. This team is perfectly suitable for open-world, Domain farming, and AOE rooms in the Spiral Abyss. It’s a unique, more defensive version of the popular Beidou taser team. With a fully dedicated healer, Crystallize shields, Geo resonance, high resistance to interrupts, and high invulnerability frames. That naturally comes at the cost of slightly lower DPS numbers than the fully optimized Beidou Taser team, but being able to face tank everything, and not having to dodge a lot. Wolf of Land and Sea Build has more of a time frame to attack enemies, and deal damage.

We can’t call this team cheap as it still utilizes two five-star support characters. However, it’s a smart solution for a second Abyss team that doesn’t require any of the top-tier support characters. So it frees up Bennett, Xiangling, and Xingqiu, so they can be used in a Raiden Shogun team on the other side.

Beidou has been in Genshin Impact since the launch of the game, since September 2020. She had several appearances in the limited banners and event rewards. So veteran players had a full chance to unlock her, and several of her Constellations. She excels at AOE situations, especially against exactly two enemies. Her Elemental burst chain from one enemy to another, and with two enemies, it jumps back and forth between them. With C2, her Burst jumps total 5 times, resulting in either larger AOE, or more single target dps against two enemies. At C6, Beidou shreds enemy Electro resistance, allowing the team to run without any Anemo unit nor Viridescent Venerer Set.

The only reactions this team can proc is Electrocharge and Crystallize, with Crystallize producing shields, which is important for the Geo Resonance buff to function.


The basic idea of the build is to drop a Kokomi turret, and Albedo turret by using their elemental Skills. Then use Beidou’s Burst, and go back to Kokomi for rapid normal attacks to proc Beidou‘s Burst as many times as you can. This in turn procs Albedo‘s turret, dealing good AOE damage.

Kokomi’s place in rotation depends on her gear, and the buffs they provide. If she uses Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, then she must not be switched in before Beidou has time to get her Burst ready. When Beidou fully recharges her Burst, we switch in Kokomi, then switch back to use Beidou‘s Burst and snapshot the % Attack buff.

You use Ningguang‘s Burst and skill, before and after Beidou‘s Burst. Try to kill one or two small enemies with Ningguang‘s Burst, then switch to Beidou to collect Energy particles left from dead enemies.

In the second rotation, if Beidou‘s Burst is far from reaching full, we just play the entire team in quick swap. Aside from Beidou Burst, the party have pretty short CD on Elemental Skill and Burst. Beidou have 7.5s on Skill, Albedo has 4s on Skill, and 12s on Burst. Finally, Ningguang has two casts of skill on 12s, and Burst on 12s. So you can chain from Kokomi’s E, Albedo‘s E, to Ningguang‘s E, then Q, Beidou‘s E. Then you can go back to Albedo‘s E, then Q, and cast the second instance of Ningguang‘s E, and finish with Beidou‘s E, which should refill Beidou‘s Burst.

Now we finally go back to Kokomi’s E, then Beidou‘s Q, Kokomi’s Q, and normal attack with Kokomi until Beidou Burst ends. If enemies’ numbers drop to one, then we can cut Beidou and start going into quick swap again, because Ningguang can do higher single-target damage than Beidou.

Wolf of Land and Sea Attributes

As the sole Electro unit on the team, Beidou has a higher Energy Recharge requirement than usual. So we go with Energy Recharge as the main stat on Sands, Electro Damage on Goblet, and Crit Rate or Damage on Headpiece.

If you use a highly refined Akuoumaru Claymore, on top of the Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set, you might end up with a too high damage multiplier. In that case, we can switch to % Attack as the main stat on Goblet.

For sub stats, we prioritize Crit Rate or Crit Damage, then % Attack, and Energy Recharge. Even with 200% Energy Recharge or more, Beidou needs extra particles from killing and reducing enemies’ HP. That’s why we switch to Beidou after casting Ningguang‘s rotation, to collect these particles. We can also add one weapon of Favonius series to the team because it generates generic particles. The reason for this is, it’s tied to no element, so it can recharge the whole team equally.

Wolf of Land and Sea Weapons

Beidou is a Claymore user, who doesn’t rely on weapon attacks at all. The only use for her weapon is becoming a stat stick, with good modifiers to overall stats that benefit her playstyle. The best Claymore for Beidou is one with either Crit stats or Elemental Burst modifiers.

Craftable Four Star Weapons

The only weapon worth crafting for Beidou is the Inazuma craftable Katsuragikiri Nagamasa. This could help regain more Energy on top of having an Energy Recharge sub stat. It would help with the massive energy deficiency of Beidou in the current team, but would lower output DPS overall.

At the base refinement level, it consumes 3 energy on Elemental Skill use but generates 9 energy in the next 6 seconds. It also has a higher Energy Recharge than Sacrificial Greatsword but has a lower base attack. Though it gives a straight damage multiplier to elemental Skills, so you need to play around with perfect counters.

Event Reward Four Star weapons

Luxurious Sea-Lord is a weapon that was obtained from the Moonchase Festival, in version 2.1. This weapon has an Energy Recharge sub-stat, and a passive that adds up to a 24% Elemental Burst Damage multiplier. With the Emblem Artifact set, this weapon deals very good damage, it comes close to five-star weapons by comparison.

The weapon came with a free refinement, so everyone who played before version 2.1 should have it at maxed refinement, and it’s a free upgrade over any craftable weapon. Even though it provides no Energy.

Battle Pass Four Star Weapons

Yes, Beidou is one of the characters that’s worth giving a Battle Pass weapon, if you are a light spender. Serpent Spine competes with 5-star weapons, especially when used with a quick swap style team. Beidou takes zero damage, so she can maintain a full 5 passive stacks. This passive gives characters 6% more DMG and they take 3% more DMG per stack. Characters gain a stack every 4 seconds with said character on the field. This effect has a maximum of 5 stacks and will not be reset if the character leaves the field. However, it will be reduced by 1 stack when the character takes DMG.

The sub stat on this weapon is Crit Rate, which is very strong since Beidou doesn’t have any source of Crit in her kit. If you slot Beidou in the team’s first slot, and wait for +20 seconds before starting the Abyss floor, she can gain a full 5 stacks of her passive. That builds up to a 30% damage multiplier, which is higher than any multiplier on most other four-star options.

It’s certainly better than Luxurious Sea-Lord but it’s not free, it also shares the same problem. It has no Energy Recharge, which forces you to use Energy Recharge on Sands, and sub stats.

Gacha 4 Star Weapons

The only other four-star upgrade over Luxurious Sea-Lord is Akuoumaru. This weapon is featured in the version 2.2 weapon banner, so it’s only obtainable by using your Primogems. With two characters in your team that have a very low Energy cost (Ningguang and Albedo), it barely has a high enough bonus compared to Luxurious Sea-Lord. So it’s still worse than Serpent Spine, and only shines if you have high refinement (with Serpent Spine refinement beating it once again).

The Ultimate weapon

skyward-pride-claymore-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideSkyward Pride is a five-star weapon you can get from the standard banner if you were lucky. If you are a new player, chances are very slim. However, veteran players who played Genshin since launch would have gotten Pity for five-star weapons/characters several times. So some will probably have Skyward Pride, and that would be the ultimate choice for Wolf of Land and Sea Build.

This weapon has one of the highest base attacks among all weapons in-game (674), as well as an Energy Recharge sub stat. With the full Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set, this extra Energy Recharge contributes to damage as well. Then the passive adds 8% to all damage multipliers, making it the best in slot for this build.

Wolf of Land and Sea Artifacts

Emblem of Severed Fate

This is the new Artifact set that came with the Inazuma patch, it is suitable for the Elemental Burst playstyle. It grants Energy Recharge and gives Elemental Burst damage bonus depending on how much Energy Recharge the character has. With Beidou as the sole Electro character, we aim for a 200% Energy Recharge or more, which makes the bonus from Emblem of Severed Fate irreplaceable.

The domain where Emblem of Severed Fate drops is a very good domain to farm overall. You can equip several characters with it, not just Beidou. The set is also fairly easy to use, with no caveats or restrictions. It also goes well with all Energy Recharge options in our weapon list.

Wolf of Land and Sea Talent Skills


There’s no real reason to mention Normal Attacks and Charged Attacks of Beidou, since they are entirely irrelevant to our build. Normal Attacks go up to 5 combos, unlike most Claymore’s which have only 4 combos with a stronger impact. So Beidou is less useful in mining materials and breaking rocks. If you utilize this team in the open world, it’s better to use Ningguang for mining.

Beidou‘s Normal Attacks are not even useful in driving her own Burst, and the timing of her hits desync easily with the 1-second interval between each proc. So in the entire duration of Beidou‘s burst, it will hit fewer times. That’s why we use Kokomi’s Normal Attacks to drive Beidou‘s Burst instead.


The infamous Counter Attack that makes or breaks some of Beidou‘s builds. Fortunately, we don’t rely much on its damage in our build. The idea of this skill is basically you hold the Elemental Skill button, wait for the exact moment the enemy is about to hit, and release. If you time it correctly, Beidou deals massive damage, has higher AOE, and generates more energy particles.

It also has nice invulnerability frames in dangerous situations, which allows you to deal damage as well instead of wasting time dodging. So it’s recommended to practice making perfect counters, at least for tight situations.

As we build Beidou for Elemental Burst damage solely, there’s not much damage to lose from missing perfect counters. So don’t stress over it very much though.


This Elemental Burst is the entire reason why we build Beidou in the first place, it’s also the only way she’s ranked high in the tier lists. The Stormbreaker is a cast and switch Burst, that synergizes with the Normal Attack playstyle. On 1 second cooldown, each normal attack made by the active character will allow Beidou to send out lightning sparks. This spark will chain two additional times at Constellation zero, and four additional times at C2. The chain can go back and forth between two or more enemies, so one enemy can get hit three times, and the other hit 2 times total.

This pseudo-AOE is insanely effective on lower density floors in the Abyss, where the enemy count is higher than one, but it’s still not very high in terms of damge. It’s also the reason why we use Ningguang to thin out enemies before unleashing Beidou with Burst, to focus fire on a fewer number of enemies, and deal effectively more DPS.

The damage done by the lightning spark counts as Elemental Burst damage, and scales with this modifier from weapons and artifacts. As of the current state of game, patch 2.2, there are a lot of sources for Elemental Burst damage. So Beidou is getting stronger and stronger as time goes on.

One more thing to add is that lightning chain procs on Normal Attack hits, regardless of if the hit deals damage or not. So it works on enemy shields, as well as Slimes immune to certain elements.

For the entire duration of Beidou‘s Elemental Burst, with Kokomi driving, she can hit a maximum of 12 times. That’s assuming no time is wasted dodging or attacks being stopped. It also requires certain Kokomi combos, but Kokomi is an excellent character to drive Beidou, even without optimal combos.

Extra Features

Elemental Burst adds the following features, depending on Constellations:

  • Interrupt resistance, at base skill
  • Decreases DMG taken, scaling from 20~37% on talent level
  • Electro Shield based on 16% of HP, at C1
  • Jump to 2 additional targets, at C2
  • Shred 15% of enemy Electro resistance, at C6

So Beidou scales very well with investment, and become only stronger.

Wolf of Land and Sea Party Composition

Genshin Impact has a unique playstyle that relies on switching characters and chaining combos across these characters. So a solid part of Beidou’s build is knowing which characters will accompany her, and what roles they will play.

In this section, I’ll fill you in on some of the best characters that synergize well with this build. It’s universally recommended for you to use a five-star support character such as Zhongli, Albedo, Venti, Kazuha, Raiden, Jean, or even Kokomi. Our Build to Wolf of Land and Sea as the name suggests, requires Geo (Land) and Hydro (Sea) characters. It could be done with four Star characters only, with Barbara replacing Kokomi, and Geo Traveler replacing Albedo. However, it will not perform as good, and feel something is missing. So I’ll go with the more expensive version with five star supports.


The Hydro healer is important role here, partly for the healing, but mainly for the Catalyst normal attacks. The other versions of Beidou builds rely on some reactions such as Overload with Yanfei, or Yoimiya. But in Wolf of Land and Sea build we aim to proc Beidou Burst the maximum number of times, so we use Hydro Catalyst. Kokomi is excellent addition to certain comps, and we aim to get most out of her. If you don’t have her, you can use Barbara for smaller buffs and dps.

With Kokomi Elemental Skill leaving a turret, she is a perfect candidate for using Tenacity of the Millelith set. On top of that, she can also hold Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers to share more Attack buff for Beidou to snapshot. Kokomi’s a healer, and she have decent resistance to interrupts during her Burst. In addition to Beidou resistance to interrupts, damage taken reduction, and Kokomi full HP build. That level of tankiness is enough to face tank anything in game, even without shields (Though you will get some Cyrtsalize shields from Albedo Skill.

Said tankiness is important to keep attacking, and proccing Beidou Burst. However, finishing Kokomi combo (three normal attacks) results in lose of Beidou procs. So it’s always best to do two Normal Attacks, and cancel the combo by either dashing, walking forward, or jumping. The reason for this is, two normal attacks and then a cancel takes less than one second to execute. That’s the exact intervals we need to proc Beidou‘s Burst. So you finish your two attack combo, proc one Beidou Burst, and start a new two attack combo, rinse and repeat. If you keep this up for the entire duration of Beidou‘s Burst, you can proc it 12 times in 12~13 seconds.


Kokomi has unique stat scaling, she scales with Hydro Damage, Attack, HP, and Healing Bonus. Her damage can’t score Critical Hits, so the entire scaling is linear, and doesn’t have multipliers. This results in an overall smaller damage output, even with investment. In other words, she can’t be the main DPS, even though she’s the main on-field carry. When it comes to investment, Beidou, Albedo, and Ningguang take a higher priority.

However, the type of stats Kokomi wants doesn’t actually need high investment, nor much farming. We go with % HP Sands, Hydro damage Goblet, and Healing Bonus Circlet as main stats. As for sub stats, we get % Attack, and Energy recharge. And if your Kokomi suffers greatly from energy problems, you can replace the Sands main stat with Energy Recharge as well, with no Crit stat ever needed.

With moderate investment, you can squeeze up to 6~7k damage per hit during Burst, which equals to 12~14k single target damage per second. That’s a nice addition on top of Albedo and Beidou‘s AOE damage. However, that prompts you to keep switching targets during Kokomi’s rotation. That way, you don’t focus on one target more than the others, which could leave one straggler at the end of the rotation, which prevents Beidou from chaining her Burst.


There are three kinds of weapon choices for Kokomi in this field carry role. She can either go for a DPS weapon, support weapon, or utility weapon, with some weapons playing as a hybrid between two categories. The good thing about weapon choices here is that all of these weapons are accessible for Free to Play players, through crafting or otherwise.

thrilling-tales-of-dragon-slayers-catalyst-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideFor support Catalyst, she can use Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers or (TToDS). This weapon simply buffs one character with an outstanding 48% Attack bonus for 10 seconds, on 20 seconds cooldown. You should typically feed the buff to Beidou, by not switching to Kokomi until Beidou burst is ready. Then you can bring Kokomi on the field, and switch to Beidou, for her to snapshot the Attack buff. It’s a three-star weapon, so every player should be able to attain refinement level 5.

This weapon is the best buff for Beidou‘s damage but doesn’t work really well with the Tenacity of the Millelith artifact set. It forces you to switch to Kokomi only near the end of rotation; While Tenacity of the Millelith wants Kokomi to drop her Elemental Skill at the very start of the rotation to benefit the entire team.

Craftable weapons

Hakushin Ring is a strong weapon for both support and DPS Kokomi roles, especially with high refinement. It’s a craftable weapon, so you can acquire it with ease, once you reach the Inazuma region. The weapon has an Energy Recharge sub stat, so it frees up your Sands to go for more %HP. It works only with Electro characters in the party, so it’s a good fit in our Wolf of Land and Sea build.

The passive buff both Electro and Hydro damage, when Kokomo causes Electrocharged. If you go for max refinement, this buff goes up to 20% Electro and Hydro damage. But unlike Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, the Hakushin Ring buff has no cooldown, so you can refresh it as many times as you want. That matters for Kokomi herself, since she can refresh the duration for the entire time she’s on the field, and Beidou‘s burst is active. But it also matters for the whole rotation, since switching Kokomi out will not trigger a cooldown. So you are not forced to “save” Kokomi’s skills for certain situations, instead of using them when you see fit, refreshing her weapon buff whenever it’s needed.

prototype-malice-catalyst-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideThen comes the Prototype Amber (previously called Prototype Malice), another craftable weapon that offers more Kokomi DPS, more healing, and some energy recharge. The downside is that it offers no damage buff for Beidou or the team, so overall it’s a valid option but not really the recommended choice. Since Kokomi heals it is usually enough to sustain the team, and it’s worth investing more in team damage.


As mentioned before, Tenacity of the Millelith is a very solid choice here, as it buffs all of Beidou, Kokomi, and Ningguang‘s damage. It has great synergy with Kokomi’s Elemental Skill, where it drops a turret to damage enemies while the character is off-field. It has close to an 100% uptime, making it an interesting choice.

However, Albedo can use the Tenacity of the Millelith as well, at the cost of his personal damage. In that case, you are free to use more DPS oriented combinations, such as 2x Maiden Beloved+ 2x Heart of Depth / Tenacity of the Millelith. Or 4x Heart of Depth


Both Zhongli and Albedo fill the Geo support slot to get Geo resonance. With Albedo having more AOE damage and energy generation, while Zhongli gives better team damage and protection. However, with the new weapon and artifact set introduced in patch 2.3 along with Albedo‘s rerun banner, Albedo become an even better powerhouse for this build.

Albedo can be the cheapest five-star character to build, with the need for only a three-star weapon. He also relies on the Def stat to deal damage, which has better scaling than Attack. We use Albedo to put his Elemental Skill down, and then switch out. His skill lasts for 30 seconds, and deals AOE Geo damage to all enemies in a wide radius, every time they take damage (on 2 seconds cooldown). However, his skill requires you to deal damage to enemies to trigger it, so it’s not really effective against shields of the Abyss Heralds or Abyss mages. Luckily though, Wolf of Land and Sea build is not a mono Geo team, and we have an extra two elements to deal with shields (Hydro and Electro)


For pure elemental skill scaling we only need the Def stat. Albedo is amazing at this because he can do off-field damage without having to worry too much about him. So we go with Def on Sands, Geo Damage Bonus on Goblet, and Critical Rate, or Critical Damage on Circlet.

If you use the Husk of Opulent Dreams artifact set, we have an option to use the Def stat on Goblet as well, without a significant change in damage. In addition, Albedo doesn’t even need Energy Recharge, because his Elemental Burst is not important. It scales with Attack, but we don’t scale it for attack in this build.

When it comes to sub stats, we go for more Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and % Def.


harbinger-of-dawn-sword-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideIt has been so long since the community realized that the three-star weapon Harbinger of Dawn, is a decent choice for Albedo. It’s excellent for him because it provides a massive Critical Rate and Critical Damage bonus while HP is over 90%. The thing is Albedo will not be losing HP if he’s off the field, and for the time he’s in play, he has some good invulnerability frames. The only exception is when you deal with enemies who cause the Corrosion, such as wolves. Since they make the entire party suffer damage even those who are off-field.

However, Harbinger of Dawn is not the king of Albedo weapons anymore, since Cinnabar Spindle is granted as a free reward for the 2.3 version event. Cinnabar Spindle is a four-star weapon, with massive Def sub stat, and a passive that adds additional scaling to elemental skill, based on Def. Being an event reward, the weapon also comes with materials enough for max refinement, so it’s a huge upgrade in Albedo damage.

If you read this guide before the 2.3 version ends, make sure you get this weapon before it goes away. It alone gives Albedo an over 80% damage increase.


We play Albedo as a full damage build, so we go with the new set Husk of Opulent Dreams as it’s the only five-star set with Def stat. Not only that, it also has an amazing 4 piece bonus that increases both Geo damage and Def further over time. At maximum stacks, it grants 54% Def, and 24% Geo damage, on top of five-star main stats. That’s more than anything Albedo had access to previously, so it’s the definitive best in slot set for him. Seek no other alternative.

I don’t recommend going for a Tenacity of the Millelith support build on Albedo, as it causes huge team DPS lose. However, it’s still a valid option in the niche where you don’t have Kokomi to drive the team, and using Barbara instead. since barbara can’t use Tenacity of the Millelith.


For most builds, we usually have a very good single target main DPS, that require AOE sub DPS to compensate. Since Ningguang is focused on single target DPS, she rarely sees usage as a sub DPS. However, in this Wolf of Land and Sea build we give more attention to single target and Geo resonance. That’s how Ningguang comes to attention for once, and fills the second Geo spot in the team.

At high Constellations, Ningguang‘s kit is leaning more towards Burst DPS, so we build her this way. With two casts of elemental skill at C2, and double the damage of elemental burst on C6. Ningguang can either dump the two casts of her elemental skill, and switch her out for a longer. Or spread the two casts with 6 seconds in between, to generate more energy, and play as a quick swap team. This flexibility helps to fit Ningguang with the status of Beidou‘s Burst, whether it’s full and ready to unleash, or still needs more energy.

The Geo damage of Ningguang can send smaller enemies flying, and suspend them in the air for a few extra hits. That is an annoying feature to pair with melee characters, however since Kokomi is a ranged driver, it’s no problem at all. If faced with a single target situation where all enemies die and one straggler survives, we can switch to Ningguang to solo him down. Ningguang has more single target DPS than Beidou and Kokomi combined. Check out our Ningguang, The Geo Empress guide for more details on how to play Ningguang as an on-field DPS. Additionally, if you have C6 Ningguang, always perform Charged Attacks after Elemental Burst.


There’s nothing special about Ningguang‘s stats. We go for the standard build of % Attack on Sands, Geo Damage on Goblet, and Critical Rate, or Critical Damage on Circlet. Then add more Critical Rate or Critical Damage through sub stats.

Ningguang has a very small Energy requirement of 40, so she doesn’t need any Energy Recharge. 


the-widsith-catalyst-weapon-genshin-impact-wiki-guideSadly, there’s no good free to play weapon for Ningguang, besides maybe Twin Nephrite for the Crit Stat. You wouldn’t go crafting a high refinement Catalyst for Ningguang, since you need these craftable for Kokomi. So to equip Ningguang for DPS, you need some patience until you get lucky and acquire one of the good four-star weapons. Good weapons can be gained from Gacha such as The Widsith, which works well with the Burst style DPS. It has a Crit stat, so helps a lot with artifact building, and has two out of three very useful buffs, especially at high refinement.

There’s also Eye of Perception if you don’t get The Widsith, but it has no Crit stat to help with new players bad artifacts. But the ultimate weapons usually are five-star weapons, and that depends on your luck on the standard banner, if you get a Catalyst such as Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds or Skyward Atlas.

And the last resort you can utilize the Battle Pass weapon Solar Pearl, which requires real money but comes with the other benefits of battle Pass. Kokomi doesn’t really require this weapon since it scales with Crit stat, so your Ningguang is free to use it.

It requires you to do a normal attack before casting a Skill or Burst though to gain the full buffs, so keep that in mind.


Ningguang‘s best set is still 2x Archaic Petra, and 2x Gladiator’s Finale, or the more farmable 2x Shimenawa’s Reminiscence. That’s not such a huge change from the classic Ningguang build from over a year ago, but it’s still effective.

We hope you found this build useful, and it gives you a good idea of how to maximize Beidou’s potential.

Genshin Impact 2.3 update is available to play on PC, iOS, Android and PS4 and PS5 since November 24, 2021. If you enjoyed this Genshin Impact Guide be sure to check out even more info on our Genshin Impact Wiki. You can also keep an eye out for more guides such as our Over-Vaporize Yoimiya build as well as, our Zhongli Overload Build and Which Build Is Right For You guide.

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