Bard’s Tale 4 – Fighter Class Guide

Bard’s Tale 4 – Fighter Class Guide

Last updated on October 22nd, 2018

In this Bard’s Tale 4 Guide we will check out the Fighter Class and share some tips on how to play it effectively. Fighters are sturdy front liners proficient with almost every weapon and shield and can fulfill both Tank and DPS Roles.

Bard’s Tale 4 Fighter Guide

Fighters are the best front-liners in the game because they have the highest base Constitution, lots of Constitution passives and can wear Heavy Armor. “Tankiness” is not their only strength, as Fighters can also deal high Damage with any Weapon.

Best Race for Fighter

The best Race for the fighter will depend on your desired role. DPS and Tank Roles need different things so you need to be careful if you want to maximize a Fighter’s effectiveness. The best combinations for each Role would look something like this:

  • Tank: Baed, Fichti, Outlander, Dwarf
  • DPS: Baed, Einarr, Trow

Tanks benefit most from defensive and protective bonuses that Fichti, Outlander and Dwarf can give while DPS Fighters benefit most from Strength bonus from Einarr and restored Opportunity from Trow.

Baed Human works great with all builds and classes due to bonus Skill Points.

Fighter Skills

Fighter Skills are divided into 3 main groups: Attack, Defense and Command.

The Attack Skill Tree is primarily for DPS oriented Fighters and it offers a variety of offensive abilities that are tied to the equipped weapon. Here you can focus on the Greatsword Path or Dual Wield any 2 Weapons if you plan on going the DPS route.

Attack Tree offers a lot of Weapon abilities

The Defense Skill Tree is all about Tanking. It is here where you unlock Heavy Armor, many Constitution passives, Armor Class upgrades and Shield abilities. Using a Shield for Tanking is recommended because of passives such as Critical Block that completely negates damage received or Shield Bash that stuns the attacker. DPS Fighters also needs to invest some points into the Defense Skill Tree to increase Constitution and unlock Officer’s Mail Medium Armor. Putting points into Armor Class Passives also wouldn’t hurt.

Fighters have most defensive abilities out of all Classes

The Command Skill Tree offers some excellent passives and both Roles should invest heavily into this tree. Tanks should aim for Commander Skill while DPS should aim for Champion Skill. Skills before those are also extremely good. For example Drill Master lets nearby allies copy the Fighter’s Stance which can be really useful. Tanks can use this to give allies Shield Stance while DPS can use it to give allies Duelist Stance from Champion Skill. Another good example is Biting Insult that can be used with both roles. It reduces taunted enemy’s armor by half, making them vulnerable which can be exploited by any DPS Role in the party for massive damage.

Command Skill Tree has some amazing abilities

Building your Fighter

Fighters can be built in 2 ways and here are some tips on how to approach them.

Fighter Tank

The idea behind this build is to create a extremely sturdy fighter that can protect its allies with the Guardian and Drill Master Skills. The primary Attributes for Fighter Tank are Constitution and, Armor Class, and Intelligence. Higher Intelligence is important because it helps sustain stances.

The Fighter self-buffs using Deflect Stance to increase armor rating, making himself even tankier. You may also keep tougher enemies’ attention on you with the Taunt Skill. You should take note that the Biting Insult skill causes Taunted enemy to half their armor, making heavily armored enemies easier to kill. You can also do some crowd control and stun enemies with the Shield Bash Skill.

It is best to position your DPS allies next to you so they can benefit from Guardian and Drill Master Skills while they attack. If you have Battle Standard then allies use no Opportunity to move towards you.

Important Skills for Tank Fighter:

  • Full Defense Skill Tree except Light and Medium Armor
  • Drill Master Skill
  • Duty After Death
  • Biting Insult Skill
  • Commander Skill

Fighter DPS

The DPS Fighter uses a 2-handed Weapon or Dual Wields 2 one-handed Weapons to deal high amounts of damage. Given their natural resistances, even dps fighters should be placed in front row, and investing in additional Constitution and Armor Class is a wise choice. The primary attributes for DPS Fighter are Strength, Armor Class, and Constitution. Spell Points will be important if you wish to go for the final attack skill called Veteran which adds +2 True Damage (ignores Armor) for every Spell Point you possess. There are only 2 ways to have Spell Points on your Fighter and it is through Elixer of Focus or the Bard’s Spellsong ability. Also having couple of points into Intelligence wouldn’t hurt to sustain Duelist Stance.

The idea for DPS Fighter is simple. Hit any enemy as hard as you can from front row because you can target lot of Hexes that way. Biting Insult + Taunt can be very useful against Armored opponents to soften them up and then smack them over the head so that it hurts a lot.

Important Skills for DPS Fighter:

  • Vanguard Skill Path (if plan on using 2 handed weapons)
  • Veteran Skill Path
  • Dual Wield
  • Critical Path for weapons you plan on using
  • Medium Armor Master
  • Champion Skill


Fighters are not as versatile as some other classes but they are your best front row combatant with a lot to offer. Fighters will always deliver, whether it is DPS, Tank or a combination of both roles. They have skill paths for every weapon, with the exception of Daggers, and can wield Shields with lots of defensive bonuses.

Fighters are best used in Front Row to protect others or deal damage

While DPS Fighters need a balanced build, with a focus on Strength, Tank Fighters need only Constitution and Intelligence. Gear is the primary means to increase Attributes so make sure it fits the build to maximize performance.

With this guide you should be now fairly familiar with Fighters so fire up Bard’s Tale 4, create one and protect your allies or smack foes over the head really really hard. Your choice.

If you are playing the game, check out the Bard’s Tale IV: Barrow’s Deep Wiki. You should also have a look at our Getting Started Guide, or check out other Bards Tale 4: Barrows Deep Class Guides!

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