Banner Saga 3 has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Banner Saga 3 has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch

It has been announced by Stoic Games that in addition to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions, Banner Saga 3 will also be released on the Nintendo Switch.

Banner Saga 3 confirmed for Nintendo Switch

In addition to the Banner Saga 3, the Nintendo Switch will soon be graced with ports of the first two games in this amazing series. So far no release date has been provided for the Nintendo Switch versions of the first two games. They just say that it will be “soon”. In terms of the Banner Saga 3, it’s supposed to be released this summer.

The Banner Saga games are made by a team of ex-Bioware employees. It’s a nice mixture of an Oregon Trail game and a turn-based tactical RPG. The Banner Saga games are set in a land that was inspired by Viking mythology. They tell the story of a group of refugees from a remote village. They’re soon caught up in events much bigger than themselves.

Difficult decisions must be made to overcome challenges on the journey. Make the wrong call and people will die. Even if you make the right call, some people may still die. It’s a harsh world.ย The Banner Saga 3 is the final entry to this trilogy. What twists and turns await us?

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