Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch Notes Share Player In-Game Choice Results

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch Notes Share Player In-Game Choice Results

Recently Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian Studios posted a community update which shared patch note updates and the results for some of the choice players made in-game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch Notes Share Player In-Game Choice Results

Baldur’s Gate 3 released on Steam Early Access and Stadia early this month, unleashing the RPG game to the masses. Larian Studios are continually improving the game while it’s in Early Access, much of these improvements comes from feedback straight from the players, helping to enhance the game experience.

The latest patch is a big one, which not only adds general fixes to cinematics, which completely change the view and overall feel of the scenes, but they have entirely “re-shot” a certain song.

Along with the patch note fixes, the developer has shared some interesting results for in-game player choices for BG3. According to the post the dog in the game received 400k pets, that’s a lot of pets from players. Other interesting stats revealed included only 1.37% of players opted to sleep alone, I guess romancing NPCs was by far the more popular option, with Gale coming out on top with 33%. Shadowheart came in second with 31%. If you wanted to know how many people leapt to their death in The Underdark, there were 40.79% who didn’t make it as they jumped without Feather Fall, ouch.

Larian also revealed the results of who they sided, a little spoiler here so skip this part if you don’t want to know what happens in-game. Most decided to take the side of the Tieflings, with 74.85% of players deciding to stand with them, while 25.15% opted to side with Minthara.

Patch Notes

Several improvements have been made to the game including sound settings to help the performance of lower spec PCs, adjustments to timing of some tutorial messages and if you listen to other player’s dialogs, it will now correctly show the dice rolls. Other improvements include that party member can now cancel their spell prepare state when switching to another character. You can check out the full list of improvements/changes below:


  • Optimized overall sound settings to improve performance on lower spec machines
  • Added polish to several in-game cinematics
  • Attack of Opportunity indicator is now correctly hidden for invisible enemies
  • Improved timing of some tutorial messages
  • Improved usability of skill selection in character creation
  • Added new tutorial messages related to combat
  • Listening to other players’ dialogs now correctly shows the other players’ dice rolls
  • The reason for a waypoint being unavailable is now displayed on the map
  • Party members now correctly cancel their spell prepare state when switching to another character


  • Fixed a crash on startup for specific driver and hardware combinations
  • Fixed a crash related to trading with Zevlor after the raid on the grove
  • Fixed a crash in dialogs related to dynamically adding items
  • Fixed a crash in combat AI
  • Fixed a potential crash with moving platforms
  • Fixed a crash related to loading savegames while in a dialogue
  • Fixed a crash when destroying multiple familiars with a single spell
  • Fixed a crash related to unloading resources (when loading a save or returning to main menu)
  • Fixed a blocking issue when someone would join during level transition
  • Fixed a blocking issue when starting a dialog just as someone leaves the game
  • Fixed not being able to save anymore on the host when another player is stuck in “in dialog” state
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the same dialog inside the camp after choosing to fight Minthara
  • Fixed characters being stuck in animation if downed during precast spell
  • Fixed characters not being at the correct position after loading
  • Fixed not being able to talk to party members after talking with gale and summoning the weave
  • Fixed not being able to use some spell scrolls when out of spell slots
  • Fixed a rare issue for players that don’t have a profile on startup, requiring selection or a profile or creation of a new one
  • Fixed quest markers not showing up correctly when multiple markers point at the same object or location
  • Fixed the tieflings’ celebrations not proceeding correctly if the player had already done a long rest right before
  • Fixed the physics of the door on the Nautiloid reappearing after saving and loading
  • Fixed Ethel not triggering her ambush if she leaves her home during combat
  • Fixed several minor bugs related to in-game cinematics
  • Fixed zone spells not targeting invisible characters
  • Fixed summons from items not having an owner, causing them not to join combat
  • Fixed the goblins not using the war drum correctly
  • Fixed issues with lockpick progress going out of sync
  • Fixed savegame screenshots being too dark
  • Fixed spell sounds not playing correctly in multiplayer
  • Fixed a long black screen being displayed if a dialog was started just as another player was joining
  • Fixed Zevlor initiating dialog during combat
  • Fixed audio settings not resetting when switching profile
  • Fixed not being able to correctly switch character in trade window
  • Fixed not being able to click through scenery you can see through, improving navigation
  • Fixed the Gith becoming hostile incorrectly if Lae’zel was never recruited
  • Fixed additional reroll when using an inspiration point
  • Fixed inspiration points not being able to go up after using an inspiration point or gaining another one
  • Fixed an issue with the hidden vault entrance closing again after the puzzles are already solved
  • Fixed marking an item as a ware not getting set correctly
  • Fixed being able to select summons in the trade window
  • Fixed Zariel Tiefling clerics not being able to level up to level 4
  • Fixed character creation color tooltips
  • Fixed characters sometimes falling off moving platforms
  • Fixed several animation issues with torches
  • Fixed being able to select invalid targets for Misty Step skill
  • Fixed not being able to see other players’ hidden summons at all
  • Fixed party members being rearranged when detaching and reattaching characters to the group
  • Fixed certain equipment still generating sound after unequipping
  • Fixed several texture and skinning issues
  • Fixed several minor localization issues
  • Fixed minor issues with the action log

Mac specific:

  • Automatic crash reporter is now enabled for mac

Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently available on Steam Early Access and Stadia.

If you’re eager to try out Baldur’s Gate 3 but unsure if early access is for you, check out next Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access First Impressions: Should You Get BG3 EA?. Need some build ideas? Check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide section.


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