Babylon’s Fall News Is Coming Before End of 2019

Babylon’s Fall News Is Coming Before End of 2019

Publisher Square Enix has shared in an interview that Babylon’s Fall by developer PlatinumGames will be receiving some news before the year is out.

Babylon’s Fall News Is Coming Before End of 2019

It was back 2018 at E3 when Square Enix had announced Babylon’s Fall for PS4 and Steam. Developed by Platinum Games was pretty much all the information they shared, except for a teaser trailer showing a timeline that called out the year CE 5470, known as the “Awakening”. There was also the phrase “Deep within the shrine of souls, the Nomads are born” set after CE 5500. The type of game hasn’t been shared, however from the trailer it could have been teasing an action-RPG of some sort from the type of combat we see and four individual characters which could be representative of classes. Platinum Games has also published such titles as Nier: Automata.

You can check out the trailer revealed E3 2018 below:

But an interview on Automaton with Yosuke Saito, a producer at Square Enix, has shared that Babylon’s Fall is still in development and news would be released before the end of 2019. Saito was one of the producers for Dragon Quest X, an MMORPG. Exactly what will be shared is not known but hopefully it will nail down the type of game and show off some gameplay.

Babylon’s Fall is currently in development, releasing on Playstation 4 and PC.

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