Babylon’s Fall New Trailer Revealing Hack and Slash Action

Babylon’s Fall New Trailer Revealing Hack and Slash Action

Platinum Games released a new gameplay trailer for Babylon’s Fall during Sony’s State of Play today.

Babylon’s Fall New Trailer Revealing Hack and Slash Action

The trailer demonstrates some of off some of the powerful moves the fantasy character can wield, using two swords and adding some mighty finishers. Babylon’s Fall hasn’t received much information since its reveal at E3 2018, but the latest trailer shows it’s going to have plenty of hack and slash action.

The bosses look larger than life and have some impressive weapons to match their towering demeanour. The graphics for the game look pretty solid and has an artistic brush stroke style for this dark fantasy setting. The video gives just a taste of the kind of gameplay to be expected, from the looks of it action combat but with quite a fluid set of movement.

So far Square Enix and Platinum Games are to reveal exactly when this title will be released, but have shared that more news will be coming in the Summer 2020. This might mean we won’t be seeing more at TGA 2019 on Thursday. Either way it’s great to get a small update on what exactly this title is.

You can check out the sword wielding action below and some of the screenshots:

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