Avowed Job Listings Hint Cross Platform, Multiplayer Plus More

Avowed Job Listings Hint Cross Platform, Multiplayer Plus More

Obsidan job listings on Linkedin hint at a few features for upcoming first-person Action-RPG Avowed, including cross-platform, multiplayer and more.

Avowed Job Listings Hint Cross Platform, Multiplayer Plus More

Avowed was unveiled at the Xbox Games Showcase but not many details have been given about the fantasy first-person title, but we do know it is set in the same Pillars of Eternity 2 world Eora, it’s open world, and what was seen in the trailer, which is not a lot to go on. However, Obsidian have recently posted some job listings which provide further hints of what the game entails.

In a few of the job descriptions they mention “experience with cross-platform game development”, and “multiplayer game development experience” as a plus for candidates. Another job position requests for experience in branching dialogue, which points to an RPG with more narrative rich dialogue.

As for what cross-platform means, this could mean cross-play between PC and Xbox consoles, and also the mention of “multiplayer” suggests some level of multiplayer feature.

Another interesting clue to pick up upon from the job descriptions are for combat. For the listing for Combat Animator, the developer is looking for someone who has both experience in “first-person and third-person melee combat”, then also specifies “third-person ranged combat”. In the trailer the combat focuses on first-person view, giving a Skyrim-esque feel, but there might be some form of third-person combat, or this could be for NPCs.

Screenshot via Avowed trailer – First person combat

If Avowed comes with co-op or drop in player content to team up with others online in the RPG, this would be a very interesting feature, specially for those who have wanted to have the option to play with friends in RPGs such as Skyrim.

Avowed is not strictly mentioned in these job listings, but since they have just announced the game recently and the listings mention “next high-profile, roleplaying game”, it’s not hard to put two and two together.

Avowed is set to release on both Xbox Series X and PC, no release window has been announced as of yet.

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