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Info: The Zexster has been a gamer since the good old Atari Altered Beast days. He has lived all around Europe from Germany and Greece, to Cyprus and finally the Netherlands where he currently resides. A full time professional in an entirely different line of business, he will still enjoy his gaming whenever a controller falls in his hands. Ever since the beginning of gaming he has been focused on PVP activity - even got his brother to smack a Sega Mega Drive controller on his head when beating him up constantly in Mortal Kombat 1. Gaming has since evolved and the Zexster has always been following these changes. A Diablo 3 hardcore PVPer, WOW duelist and LOL Platinum he has now embraced Dark Souls' darkness. Currently he'll play anything that is up to giving him a challenge on his XBOX, which will be admittedly hard after Dark Souls...