Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Review – Reclaiming Territory

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Review – Reclaiming Territory

Excited to slice and shoot down titans as you defend your home against humanity’s enemies? Final Battle is the expansion for Attack on Titan 2 that was released a year ago by Omega Force and Koei Tecmo for all platforms. Players will be able to take the point of view of the story’s characters in this gruesome and nerve racking hack and slash world. We take a look at this latest addition in our Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle review.

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Review – Reclaiming Territory

Genre: Action, Hack and Slash
Developed by
: Omega Force
Published by: Koei Tecmo
Release date: July 4, 2019 in Japan and July 5 in North America and Europe.
Platforms: PS4 (Review Platform), Steam, Switch, Xbox One
Price at time of review: $59.99 for Base Game + Final Battle Expansion DLC; $39.99 for Final Battle Expansion DLC

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Features

  • Experience the Story of AOT – Play through the Point of View of the main characters of the series to experience the story of AOT firsthand.
  • Territory Recovery Mode – Pick your favorite characters to create an original Corps for the goal of recovering territory outside the walls.
  • Addition of Guns – Had enough of slicing and dicing Titans to shreds? Now you can shoot them with various guns and ammo.
  • 5 New Characters – Play as the newest season 3 characters including Caven, Floch, Kenny, Nifa, and Zeke.
  • Co-op/Single Player – Choose to take on the viscous Titans in single-player mode or team up with friends in online multiplayer.

Story and Setting

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle’s new Character Episode Mode spans the third season of the anime. Players who created their own character back in the base game of Attack on Titan 2, will notice they won’t be able to use them in this new mode. Character Episode Mode instead will allow players to play through the perspective of the various characters of the AOT world with their own loadouts.

While it took me a while to warm up to the idea of creating my personal character in Attack on Titan 2, I found it odd that they removed that ability in the expansion. I totally understand playing through the various characters point of views, but wished we could have used our own character in a unique storyline in addition to the character POVs.

Players should be able to squeeze out about 15 hours of gameplay from the Character Episode Mode. There are some side stories that players may elect to undertake, or simply stick with the main story. The same score system from base AOT 2 returns, so those wishing to S Rank everything still will be able to do so.


Territory Recovery Mode allows players to control 1 character and form a team with no restrictions. Go nuts creating teams that will never happen in the world of Attack on Titan but rings true in your heart. Players will go out into the outside land outside the walls to reclaim territory in a limited turn system. Eliminate titans to move onto adjacent land to explore as you pay attention to your stamina and remaining turns.

Pay attention to the environment as new potential team members can be added to your potential team members once they are helped on the field. Use the resources given to you after missions to help ease future missions by improving your favorite squad members. Here you will make tough decisions whether to stick with your favorite characters in your dream team, or sub them out for the stronger new potential members you recruit.

You can also increase the friendship between your team members to gain access to various extras including game original events, which provides more substance for players to enjoy. If you’re looking to complete the number of events, this will take you quite some time to unlock these special instances.

The DLC also brings the addition of a new weapon the Thunder Spear, which gives you some extra fire power when dealing with Armored Titans for short a period of time. This weapon definitely suits the storyline but in my opinion swords are far more satisfying to use.

Audio and Visual

This expansion like the base game drops you right into the action of this hectic series, hearing comrades and citizens screaming as they are being devoured by various Titans. Que the massively ominous accompanying soundtrack that helps drive through that sense of speechlessness. I still wish they’d tweak the amount of times the characters do call outs and other characters instructions during missions as it was a bit overwhelming at times.

The cutscenes taken from the anime helps pull together the story and the immersion the game attempts to create visually. The scenes that play out and the character models look far more visually appealing compared to the base game in my opinion, Omega have done well in this area.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Attack on Titan 2 Final Battle as a whole is an improvement to the series, adding that extra level of polish I wanted for the game when it was released a year ago. The drawback is the high price-point the expansion sits at. Those who missed out on purchasing the game before, can now get the complete package for the standard video game price ($59.99). On the other hand, hardcore fans and anyone who acquired the game long ago will have to pay to wield the new weapons and storyline.

I feel that if this game solely was released as Attack on Titan 2 Final Battle, it would have had a much more positive impact since they improved on the base game by adding in new features and the different POVs. Adding new trophies would have been nice and also help to justify the price a bit more. Territory Recovery Mode will add many hours of replayabilty, and is arguably the biggest addition to the game.

If you are a fan of the series Attack On Titan or in the mood for a nitty gritty hack and slack, you’ll end up enjoying this complete edition. If you’re picking up the expansion, you may question the price and lack of trophies.

If you want more Attack on Titan 2 content be sure to dive into our developer interview with the producer Hideo Suzuki. You can also check out review of the based game in Attack on Titan 2 Review. If you’re currently fighting off the titans be sure to use our Trophy Guide.

Summary: Attack On Titan 2 Final Battle as a whole is pretty solid improvement in the series allowing players to experience the story through different point of views while letting them roam free in other modes. Players will enjoy experiencing the thrill of slaying titans in their dream squads. The lone barrier to this game will be the pricepoint of the expansion for those who already possess the base game.
Story & Setting (8)
Gameplay (8)
Audio & Visual (7.8)
Replayability (7.7)
Pricepoint (5)

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