Atomic Heart Gets Extensive Gameplay Overview Trailer

Atomic Heart Gets Extensive Gameplay Overview Trailer

A new trailer for upcoming Action-RPG Atomic Heart gets a detailed gameplay trailer featuring the sci-fi title in action, breaking down story, combat and more.

Atomic Heart Gets Extensive Gameplay Overview Trailer

Introducing the setting of Atomic Heart, which is set in a fictional USSR in 1955. A top-secret military base called Facility 3826 is producing robots. These robots up until this point have allowed the human race to do away with manual labour in favour of embracing the arts. All is well until the release of a new device called Collective 2.0 which allows humans to control robots just through the power of thought. However, the launch of the upgrade is “sabotaged” making the whole network go haywire. The robots now on the loose are attacking people in the masses.

Ice blasts are just one way to deal with the robot uprising in Atomic Heart.

Your Mission If You Choose It

This is where you as the player come in. As an elite soldier known as P3, you’re tasked with investigating what went wrong and restoring the neural network. This means exploring the facility and coming in contact with a number of scientific experiments gone wrong. The trailer previews some of the hectic gameplay as well as puzzles that will need to be solved. The narrator teases arenas, surprises and even plot twists in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart Power Glove

We also get a closer look at P3’s Power Glove which is aided by polymer AI. Char-les acts as a guide providing new quest objectives, story and character details. But it’s much more than just a handy guide. It also lets P3 hack robots, scan the area and provide combative abilities. Wield electricity, ice blasts, and protect yourself with energy shields. This Swiss army knife of gadgets will certainly come in handy when facing the madness.

The power to hack, navigate and more.

Getting around seems quite flexible as you can take any abandoned vehicles to move around. However, this can also attract a lot of unwanted attention as the AI systems are all interconnected to surveillance cameras. This is both a strength and a weakness. Take over network control terminals by hacking in, and using it to your advantage. The little spider robot seems to be able to infiltrate these points with ease.

The Power Glove is aided by AI Char-les and also aids in combat

Mutants and More

Robots aren’t your only worry as there are a number of mutated beings to contend with. Sprouts are dangerous as they can attach themselves to humans. Mutants that merge with these plants are very challenging to take down.

Craft yourself weapons from melee to ranged modified rifles.

Of course, you have a whole armoury of weapons to craft from pistols to modified electric rifles. You can also get up close and personal with melee weapons as well. Keeping yourself stocked with ammo requires finding them out in the world of using Nora to craft them. There seem to be a number of ways to fight, making for some interesting playstyles. The gameplay looks to have some fun Bioshock touches meeting a Fallout-esque world falling to ruin.

Atomic Heart will be released on February 21st for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass and PC.

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