Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland Starter Guide & Tips

Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland Starter Guide & Tips

Last updated on May 29th, 2019

Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland is the 21st entry in the long running RPG Atelier series. This can be daunting to players who are first picking this game up. With this handy tips and starter guide you’ll breeze through the game with confidence. As Lulua always say “Things will work out!”

Starter Guide & Tips

In order to start your Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland adventure off right, you can find some useful information regarding in-game items, systems and best synthesising practices. Read on to learn some valuable details!


Alchemyriddle is a magical text that only Lulua can read. By deciphering Alchemyriddle, players will progress the story, gain access to new areas, and obtain new recipes. It is recommended that players complete the advance section of the Alchemyriddle. They are harder than the normal story section but the rewards tend to be better and you’ll need to complete them in order to gain a trophy, if you are interested in that. It is important to realize how to unlock keywords as well, the hints the game gives you can save yourself a headache.

Riddle Example

Possible Rewards

  • Recipe
  • Gathering Area
  • Skill
  • Ability

How to unlock Keywords

  • Battle
  • Gathering
  • Synthesis
  • Exploration

Areas, Their Maps, & Impact of Time

For a complete look at the current location’s maps press down on the D-pad to bring up the full map along with a map key. This is handy when you’re out in the world gathering item and fighting monsters. Some gathering spots may be locked when you first enter an area due to lacking a require gathering tool like a net or a fishing rod. You’ll unlock them as the story progresses so keep on moving and just double back while on some side quests.

Fish Gathering Spot

While out in an area players can acquire “data” to increase the exploration rate of the locale by gathering materials and battling monsters. Once the exploration rate reaches 100%, the odds of finding items of higher quality will increase.

100% Gathering Area

During exploration of the outside world time will pass and this will impact the enemies in the area. Be sure to take your time to ensure you encounter all the monsters possible!

Interrupt Me Darling

Interrupt is a powerful mechanic that players can utilize once they unlock it. It allows Alchemist to use a tool in battle once the tool is “charged” enough. As turns/time are pass in battle it becomes ready. Hit R1 and the proper Alchemist (at first its O, then Triangle becomes an option.) You are allowed to interrupt as many times as you want in a battle!

Even if the tool has 0 uses left you can still use it; it will just take longer to be fully charged. I recommend synthesizing a Craft and a Bomb to use as Craft’s Area of effect is pretty large and most enemies are weak to fire in the beginning areas.


Whenever you forget where you must go or what to do next hit options on the PS4 controller to bring up the Schedule quickly. Players can also enter the Schedule by bringing up the main menu and selecting Schedule. There you will see 3 tabs: Important, Request, and Complete. It is pretty self-explanatory:

  • Important: Things to do next to progress the story.
  • Requests: Requests accepted from various towns.
  • Completed: Important steps/quests that have already been completed.

Shops & Vendors

In each town there will be merchants that you may buy or sell items with. Some vendors may have rare items which are colored in gold and only 1 will be available. These items include special books to learn recipes. “Bargains” are marked in blue and are good deals on items that either are higher quality than normal and/or have special traits.

Bargain Item Example

Depending on the player, it be wise to buy the item if you have extra gold or if you may need the item for a future synthesize or you have a pending request for the item. These are sold in a short supply usually 3. Normal items are not marked and are run of the mill but still have a limited stock that can be bought from vendors.

Side Quests

Requests are Atelier Lulua’s version of side quests. They can be accepted and turned in aka “reported” in the town’s taverns and/or town halls. Whenever you complete a request, you will receive some gold. You can report completed request at any tavern or town hall, you’re not limited to the specific one you obtained the request from.

There are extra rewards if you turn in higher quality items which will increase the gold payout and even additional items. I suggest to hit the extra quality incentive as often as you can. This can help you gain lots of gold early in the game, to ensure you can purchase all rare items you come across. A powerful alchemist is a prepared alchemist! There are two kinds of requests:

  • Defeat x enemy
    • These requests are completed by defeating the specified number of specified monsters.
  • Deliver x item
    • These requests are completed by delivering the specified items.


At first synthesizing is limited on what you can do. You want to make a craft in the tutorial chapter for Eva which the game will explain the system. You want to choose a material that has destruction up to help bolster the power of the item or heal to improve the healing of the item.

Synthesize Recipe

As you play around with the materials you see how each item will contribute to the potential finish item. For example: A Craft usually get Physical DMG S but if players don’t use enough “fire type” materials or too much “water type” materials then the Craft can get Physical DMG XS resulting in a lesser damaging item which isn’t ideal.

Attack Types

Attacks consist of a dual elemental typing. First of all, the primary type is either physical or magic. Then they may be a secondary type which can consist of the follow elemental types: Earth, Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Those with a resistance to an element or type will receive less damage, while those weak to it will receive more damage. Players can learn about enemies weakness in the in game guide or in battle so always aim for weaknesses!

Hopefully by reading this guide you will have all the tips you will need in gaining rare items, using the in-game system efficiently as well as making the most of quests and vendors.

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