Ashes of Ariandel Screenshots & Lore via Famitsu (DKS3 DLC)

Ashes of Ariandel Screenshots & Lore via Famitsu (DKS3 DLC)

Scans from Famitsu’s latest issue reveal tidbits of lore and show screens of enemies, spells, and npcs for the upcoming Dark Souls 3 DLC: Ashes of Ariandel.

This article translates the contents to give players clarity. Just 5 days to official release on Oct 25th!


A battle vs a grotesque knight begins at the rotten waterfront. Its steel-clawed figure so nimble, what sort of offensive and defensive skills will it have?



“Please, cover your eyes” – The Nun of Ariandel in “Friede” form.ใ€€She who lives in a small church at a spiritual cliff, looks after a Father who looks like a ball.



In the snowy fields of Ariandel, a white tree that is half female form awaits. The majority are simply holding on the flames in their arms against the strong snow winds, like a mother who has lost a child.



Long ago, a sorcerer born in Ariandel left the land to pursue the ambition ardent on his chest. This is the one magic left behind by this sorcerer, that imbues the weapon in frost. The weapon then slowly drops icy flakes.



The hero walks towards the bottom of the cliff, following the complex roots of the giant tree. Beyond it, the hard frozen valley awaits.



In Ariandel, completely unknown pyromancies have taken root. This is a fireball of chaos contained in ones hand. It seems as if several beams of fire will fly from this pyromancy.



Oh, you’re the newcomer? – The hero meets this character soon after entering Ariandel. Whilst something sleeps in the corrupted bed, he welcomes the hero as a new resident to this world. The words betray the madness that plagues Ariandel



Knights emerge from the frozen white as if demons. They hunt in groups, so it’s better to go around to avoid being surrounded.



A lone knight and wolves sit by the snow-covered grave. The sword the knight bears, and the lion shield on his back was lauded as courage of old. Whose sword lies by the grave?



The ruins and leaning tower that appeared in the snowy field. It would seem the stalwart knights protect it. In their helmets, one may see a special mark at a specific angle.

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18 comments on “Ashes of Ariandel Screenshots & Lore via Famitsu (DKS3 DLC)”

  1. Avatar Anubis says:

    These images do look amazing.

    Somehow these pics got my hype up even more. It just looks like (a) Dark Souls (game). The atmosphere is staggering. And to me, this area is dripping with atmosphere. It’s like the first time I’ve seen Irithyll of the Borreal Valley. Such a great moment. I really can’t wait anymore.

    I really really believe this will contribute SO much to the game. And it is really needed. The content of the vanilla DSIII seemed too limited compared to the first 2 games. At least for me. And I’ve platinumed DSIII. Really looking forward to experiencing all of the new content.

  2. CakeThiefPro says:

    So we have a new NPC Corvian? I’m starting to get really excited to see how this all ties together with Sulyvahn, the corvians and whoever the woman and "ball" are.

    Also can someone explain what "freede" form is and shouldn’t this also be posted in the lore section?

  3. Avatar Anubis says:

    SPOILER Warning:
    From the already known weapon descriptions, we know that the name of the third founding sister of the sable church of Londor is Elfriede. One description named her Friede. This immediately came to my mind when reading "freede". Maybe the woman in the trailer wielding the frost scythe is her.

  4. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Friede is the one? Japanese katana doesn’t quite translate simply :p

    I’ll edit

  5. Avatar Anubis says:

    Well, I don’t know. That was just a guess when I read "freede" really.

    Check the Crow Quills Description if you’d like:

    "Thrusting sword wielded by Corvian Knights, and a special paired weapon. When twin-handed, brandish four thin-edge blades in the left hand.

    In their infatuation with Sister Friede, the Corvian Knights swore to protect the painting from fire, and to this end, took to the execution of their own brethren."

    The term "Sister Friede" definately fits a nun, I believe.

  6. CakeThiefPro says:

    Ah nice catch. Also in the Hollow Lord ending we only see two of the sisters so it would make sense for them to explain where the third one went. Does this imply she has another form perhaps like the corvians grow wings or am I misunderstanding the use of the word form?

    One other thing, does the father look like a ball because he’s curled over? I mean that just sounded a little strange to me but the only alternative I can think of is bell which doesn’t make too much sense to me either.

  7. Avatar Anubis says:

    I think that’s exactly what they mean. Him being curled up like a ball, staring into the bowl/vessel.

    EDIT: It sounded strange to me too. But as Fex said, translating Japanese is like an art in and of itself.
    Oh and your theory with a second form sounds very plausible. I think that’ll be the case. This will probably be a crazy hard fight, if the "father guy" is fought immediately afterwards and her having multiple fight-forms. Still, I wish it to be that way. :D

  8. CakeThiefPro says:

    I guess it does make sense.

    She already looks extremely agile with that scythe, if she grows wings on top of that then I can see her being a very difficult enemy to take down. If she does grow wings I wonder if they’ll look more angelic rather than the corrupted ones that the Corvians have. We could be getting far more answers than I initially imagined but I should control myself until these things are confirmed…

  9. Avatar Anubis says:

    We’ve got a very similar thought process going on there mate. :D

    Still, she could also sprout some "pus of man" traits as well I believe. But I like the "growing wings"-theory way more.

  10. Avatar Anubis says:

    With her walking out of the darkness in the trailer and your theory of her growing wings… this is actually the first time that I ever thought of Dark Souls II’s Darklurker as an angelic figure that could be relevant for Dark Souls III… Are the "angels" from the dark? Is that why the angelic faith is seen as heresy in Lothric? Is that why the Kaathe-statue has wings on it? So many new ideas come from this…

  11. CakeThiefPro says:

    This may also explain where the Pontiff learnt to create duplicates of himself and to grow wings. I’ve wanted more lore on the serpents since Dk1 and the fact that they’ve made statues and hinted at Kaathe makes me think it would be a waste for them not to do something with them but perhaps they’re saving that for the second set of DLC. For now we may only get more hints, hopefully from the corvian NPC or Friede.

  12. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I fixed it to read friede, since it’s likely the official spelling.

    Regarding father and ball, this is called "father enemy" in the official release in namcos press site

  13. Avatar Anubis says:

    Wow, that's a great connection to Pontiff Sulyvahn actually! His duplicate indeed resembles Darklurker in the way it's floating with its wings. He was stated to have been born inside a painted world which makes this connection even more likely.

    On the other hand, the dark wings he grows are nothing like the white feathers seen in the cage of Gertrude… Which is quite interesting as it raises even more questions… I also believe that we will be given a lot of new information but no "that's it"-like reveals. They'll probably save that for the last DLC as you said.

    EDIT: Also, when examining the wings on the corvians, they seem to be more feathery and seem to fit the animal/crow-theme more. Pontiff's wings on the other hand look like tree-branches and closely resemble the Pilgrim Butterfly wings concerning their structure.

    EDIT 2: I also wonder if the Ethereal Oak is somehow connected to all of this, because the tree-theme is very strong in this game. Creatures that have tree-like features are really common in Dark Souls III, so this could be another clue. Pontiff Sulyvahns face for example seems to be covered by roots. His wings are branch-like. The Pilgrim Butterflies look like they are humans/undead who sprouted a tree from their insides and turned into huge tree-dragon-things. Please note by the way that the faces of the Pilgrim Butterflies look almost exactly like the Bloated Head from Dark Souls 1. The human effigies in Dark Souls II were made of? Wood. Exactly. The bed of chaos had tree-characteristics and so on… I wonder what's up with all of this. Do humans become the new Archtrees? We need answers!

  14. Avatar Slarg232 says:

    It's kind of hard to say, isn't it? The Chaos Flame is the only thing that's really been surrounded by branches/roots like what we're seeing here, but it's supposedly fading/already gone. Unless the Profaned Flame is sorta similar. Could it be that the Profaned Flame (Profaned meaning Treating a Sacred object with disrespect or use something vulgarly) is actually a stolen Chaos flame, and that's why 3 out of the 4 demons we run into aren't anywhere near the Demon Ruins? They're out trying to find it.

  15. Avatar dn1nd says:

    I’ve been wanting more lore to connect Pontiff Sulyvahn to the Darklurker besides hints. I’ll be very happy if we get some.

  16. Avatar Grehym_Blak says:

    Wish I hadn’t read the last image =

    Crown of Illusions

  17. cyseal says:

    How long is DLC?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Dlc is out for xbox one.

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