Ashen Will Launch By The End of 2018

Ashen Will Launch By The End of 2018

According to the developers Aurora44 the unique action-RPG co-op Ashen will be making it’s way to Xbox One and PC before the end of the year. While they haven’t specified an exact date, they do give us a release window.

Ashen Will Launch By The End of 2018

The game was first seen at Xbox E3 media event back in 2015, the release date was assured for 2018. While Auroro44 haven’t given specifics for the launch date, they now say that it will be before the year is out.

Ashen is an open-world action-RPG that focuses on passive co-op, meaning the players you meet in-game will resemble NPC quest givers. This unique approach allows for players to feel truly immersed in the world of Ashen, without the distraction of other player’s looks or gear.

As you adventure through the world, you will meet new faces (or face-less due to their interesting character design) and recruit them to join your own settlement. Sometimes these will turn out to be other players, you will team up and maybe complete a quest together and then go your separate ways.

If you’re more interested in teaming up with a friend, the developers have given a way to do so using a password filter system which is quite similar to Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne co-op systems.

Ashen will release on Xbox One and PC later this year, the exact launch date is still unknown but we will keep you posted with any updates.

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