Ashen Developer Still Trying to Fix PC Multiplayer

Ashen Developer Still Trying to Fix PC Multiplayer

The indie souls-like RPG Ashen got its release last week via the new digital store front by Epic Games. However, things haven’t been smooth sailing as there have been some issues concerning multiplayer for PC.

Ashen Developer Still Trying to Fix PC Multiplayer

A44 Games the developer has been receiving feedback from players who have been rather vocal on Reddit. There have been some issues with multiplayer aspects, this problem is to do with teaming up with friends in the Ashen co-op system. While Xbox One players have had similar issues, they have seemed to found a way around the issue.

A44 Games have responded via their Twitter account saying they have acknowledged the problem and on working on a fix:

It looks like the developer is not working on the issue on their own as Epic try to help with multiplayer. Hopefully they can find a solution as soon as possible so players can enjoy multiplayer. Ashen takes a unique approach to co-op with “passive” feature, meaning players you find out in the world take on the image of an NPC, making the world feel fully immersed.

Ashen is available to play on PC via the Epic Games Store and on Xbox One.

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