Arknights: Endfield Announced for PS5; Technical PC Test in January
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Arknights: Endfield Announced for PS5; Technical PC Test in January

Arknights: Endfield is one of the RPGs announced in yesterday’s The Game Awards 2023. Players will take on the role of an ‘Endministrator’ and lead nine characters to destroy the creatures brought about by a dangerous catastrophe known as the Blight.

Arknights: Endfield Announced for PS5; Technical PC Test in January

Arknights: Endfield is an action RPG featuring real-time encounters. In the PS5 Announcement Trailer, Perlica, who is Endfield Industries’ supervisor, goes through what the company and Terra have accomplished. They are basically responsible for conquering planets (and possibly harvesting their resources), however, one remains different from the rest. Decades later, this planet remains ‘untamed’, resulting in deadly wars that could wipe out the civilization as we know it. 

As an Endministrator, you have been recently awakened to help curb the spread of the Blight, as prophesied ages ago. The trailer, then, showcases exciting, meaty, and fast-paced combat encounters against ethereal creatures. From conjuring earth spikes to destabilize the opponent to performing a slow-motion stagger ability. Based on what we have seen so far, Arknights: Endfield is shaping up to become a must-try RPG in 2024.

Talos-II: The Awakening

In November of last month, developer Hypergryph Co., Ltd. released an  “Awakening Trailer” to introduce us to Arknights: Endfield’s backstory and how the player fits into all of this. Talos-II is a much-contested planet, which is rife with hostility. Its citizens remain steadfast in their commitment to maintaining their independence but at the cost of rubbing elbows with outsiders. Perlica then alludes that you have had encounters in Talos-II claiming this observation to be true.

Arknight Endfield - Cinematics

But despite this antagonistic relationship, the people of Terra in Arknights: Endfield survived the harshness of the planet, often battling it out against the Blight’s forces. The goal is to maintain a peaceful coexistence with all galaxy worlds to ensure the civilization’s survival.

Arknight Endfield - Combat 01

As the Endministrator, you have been feared and respected by many because of your capabilities. Time and time again, Endfield Industries has awoken you from your Sarcophagus Mk II hibernation to get the job done. Some missions had been deemed as critical, necessitating your helping hand in the process. The galaxy has been in peace for generations until now. With the assistance of the company and the companions it will provide, your task is to deal with disasters in Talos-II.

Original Arknights

The original Arknights game was also developed by Hypergryph and was initially released in 2019 via mobile as a top-down tower defense game. It was then released globally across Asia. Although Arknights looks simple from the get-go, this is far from the truth since players are tasked to master the game design and solve challenging puzzles to successfully navigate the different maps. 

Arknight Endfield - Combat 02

One of the best features of Arknights is its handling of the Operators or Endministrators equivalent because typically, solving a puzzle would require certain characters and skills. Despite utilizing a gacha system to collect these Operators, players are not required to acquire the rarest ones to move forward in the game. There is also a free Recruitment system that gives them chances to get rarer Operators.

Arknight Endfield - Main Character

Combat-wise, Arknights: Endfield is much bigger in scale and exciting because of how characters interact with enemies. Depending on their specialization, the Endministrator and their companions can choose to tackle battles at close range or from a distance. However, their respective abilities remain to be seen with the RPG’s progression system.

Arknights: Endfield Technical PC Test Sign-Ups

Alongside a PS5 release, Arknights: Endfield will also make its way to PC (Windows) so time to rejoice! The technical test sign-up page is now live on the game’s website where players will first need to complete pre-registration and fill up a survey. This sign-up period started on December 8 and will continue through December 24, 2023, at 3:59pm UTC so be sure to complete the requirements before then.

Arknight Endfield - Technical Test

Not everyone will get their hands on the game but lucky players will receive an email in late December or early January. Arknights: Endfield’s test will start on January 12, 2024, at 3 am UTC with no end date in sight just yet. During this time, only 1 character will be available but on the game’s launch date, players will be able to choose between two Endministrators. Additionally, they will be able to experience the story, gameplay, and character stats, however, the length of the test has not been clarified. 

Arknights: Endfield does not have a release date yet and is still in the early stages of development so we guess that it will probably come out sometime in 2025.

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