Arc of the Alchemist Gameplay Trailer

Arc of the Alchemist Gameplay Trailer

Idea Factory have released a new gameplay trailer for the desert set RPG Arc of Alchemist and have shared new screenshots featuring “Lunagear” system.

Arc of the Alchemist Gameplay Trailer

In Arc of the Alchemist players have access to Lunagear, a way to master four of the different orb elements: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. Using the fire element can help summon fire projectiles at will. Combining two elements can even summon deadlier attacks.

The story follows the great test to save humanity, to find the Great Power and by order of the king, a large scale investigation is launched. A chosen captain, Quinn Bravesford will lead a battalion of soldiers into the breach, again the enemy nations. She has in her hand the Lunagear but only one Orb remains. Legend has it collecting all four orbs will unleash the Great Power, Quinn will search for the missing orbs even if it is only legend.

Players will face the dangerous creatures known as the Machine Dolls, part of the enemy nations. Build a strong base for soldiers to relax and regroup at. Use the four orbs in battle, manipulate the elements to gain power. The game has seven-plus playable characters, each specialising in unique weapons, attacks and abilities. The gameplay features action-RPG combat with a newly polished battle system and UI for the western release.

You can check out the gameplay trailer and screenshots below:


Arc of Alchemist releases on Playstation 4 and Switch on January 30th 2020 for North America and on January 31st for those in Europe.

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