Annual Dark Souls “Return To Lordran” Event Begins This Week!

Annual Dark Souls “Return To Lordran” Event Begins This Week!

The annual “Return To Lordran” event for FromSoftware’s challenging action-RPG, Dark Souls  will be filled with activities, as well as jolly co-operation with players and buddies like Solaire and Lautrec, and much more.

Dark Souls – A Jolly Reunion!

This month-long event will officially start this Wednesday, on October 4th at 3pm PST/11pm BST, all the way through October 24th.

Players worldwide will once again repopulate the harsh world of Dark Souls  with summon signs, red phantoms and  treacherous orange messages. You can read a full description of the event, below:

Return to Lordran is an annual event that was kick started by ‘Global Restart Day,’ a community event that we held in June 2016 to celebrate /r/DarkSouls hitting 100,000 subscribers.

This event focused on Dark Souls players, both old veterans and newcomers, playing Dark Souls 1 at the same time of the same day, creating new characters, and enjoying the game as if it had just released.

The most important aspect of the event is to participate in online activity – whether you choose to help out a fellow undead or ruin his day with an invasion is entirely up to you.

A live-stream for the Dark Souls  event will be broadcasted, which will feature content creators from artists, musicians, animators, etc. The stream is planned to begin at 5:30EST, half an hour prior to the official start time of ‘Return To Lordran‘.

There will also be PvPs, co-op challenges as well as speedruns and other player-run community activities planned. So be sure to hang around locations such as Darkroot Garden, Sen’s Fortress and Oolacile Township, where they’re most likely to be held.

For more information on this upcoming event as well as details on being featured in the live-stream, you can check out this official thread from the Dark Souls  subreddit.

Dark Souls  is currently available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC via Steam.

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Previously, the Dark Souls  speedrun world record was shattered along with the impressive feat of obtaining every single  achievement in the game.

Also, you can finally get your hands on the Dark Souls Vinyl Trilogy soundtrack collection. But, hurry as only 2,000 copies are out there.

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  1. Wes says:

    This sounds so cool! I always wanted to participate, maybe this time will be the time : )

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