An Evening With Warhorse: Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo E3 2016

An Evening With Warhorse: Kingdom Come Deliverance Demo E3 2016

Day 1 of E3 came to a close for us with Warhorse Studios, developer of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the upcoming action RPG that is making its mark by realistically covering the history of the Holy Roman Empire. PR Manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling, who we had the opportunity to interview back in February, gave us a narrated walkthrough of some new content for the game which is set to release in 2017 on PC, with a console version also in planning.


The demo focused on a new location and quest, a monastery which the player is charged with infiltrating. The game’s dynamic choices shine here, as the player is able to employ any number of methods to achieve the goal. The realism is the key here, as players must make meticulous and consequential choices to successfully complete the game. What would you do in real life? This is the question players must ask themselves constantly in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In the demo, the player disguised themselves as a monk and was forced to perform typical monk duties to blend in. This choice was one of many possible outcomes.

What would you do in real life?

We are also given an in depth look and explanation at the armor and weapons damage detection system. In keeping with the impeccable attention to detail, armor and weapons feature localized damage calculating. Just wearing leg armor is not going to improve your defenses if your head is exposed and you take a blow directly to the face. However, repeated blows to a specific area of the body will increase in potency. So a helmet will protect you from a head blow, but a succession of head blows to the same location will become increasingly more damaging. This softening of armor and weapons is gradual and permanent, meaning you will have to make use of repair services if you want your equipment performing at peak effectiveness. Blood, stains and scarring is gradual and persistent, and keeping your equipment in pristine shape is an exercise in constant vigilance.

Armor is also tied to reputation, meaning that wearing armor that has an unsavory regard may trigger a defensive and unpleasant reaction from the affected town’s residents. Wearing expensive armor or high quality clothing also affects your reputation, as NPCs will believe you are noble if you look the part. Reputation spreads organically and determines not only the quests available to you, but also colors the day to day interactions. If you’ve partaken in nefarious activities, you may come to market to find suspicious shopkeepers or an armed populace.


The immersion is in the details of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Every action demands a carefully thought out choice; one that weighs consequences and ramifications. The possibilities you envision if the game was playing out in real life apply to the in game actions. Murder someone on the road in cold blood in front of a witness? Be prepared to become a murderer twice over if you wish to keep the witness from spilling their testimony to the proper authorities.

The details also present themselves in every tapestry, painting and piece of architecture. The secrets of history are all captured here, with every element of the world a faithful reconstruction of Bohemia in the year 1403. Not only authentic, the game itself is gorgeous with their now trademark attention to detail also present here. Everything feels alive, real and believable and this serves as a foundation upon which the game’s unique realism can flourish.


When we initially experienced the game, we wondered how well so many dynamic elements would interact coherently. After seeing the demo we have begun to understand that the true potential of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the absolute freedom of true virtual reality. As liberating as the constructs of fiction seem to be, perhaps truth is the most compelling story of all. For those players wanting a truly authentic experience, aspired to in modes like Survival for Fallout 4, this game is the real deal. For those interested in gaining beta access, check out Kingdom Come Deliverance’s beta page on how to get the game!

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    Great read. The game is truly shaping up wonderfully, the concept is really daring, as RPGs have become more about the magic than the dungeons. Thinking that specific pieces of armor affect combat in specific manners along is a whole new gameplay approach.

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