Abyss Fantasia a Beautifully Hand-Drawn RPG Coming in 2024
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Abyss Fantasia a Beautifully Hand-Drawn RPG Coming in 2024

Publisher Gamera Games and developer Dlu Studio have announced a stunning hand-drawn fantasy RPG called Abyss Fantasia releasing in 2024.

Abyss Fantasia a Beautifully Hand-Drawn RPG Coming in 2024

Inspired by titles such as the “Made in Abyss” series and “Ruina: The Ruined City” a hand-drawn RPG called Abyss Fantasia has been announced for 2024. Developed by Dlu Studio, the title follows the mysteries of a giant hole that appears in the central continent called the Abyss. Those who enter the dark place are instantly affected. It caused them to lose their sanity or transform into monsters. Risks somehow don’t outweigh the rewards, as there are rumours of precious loot to be found in the depths of the Abyss.

What makes Abyss Fantasia unique is its whole dreamy hand-drawn aesthetic. Immediately you’re grabbed by the painstaking artwork that makes the premise of diving into the dark abyss a little more palatable. The main character Yugari will meet strange characters and experience a number of events within the Abyss. Solve puzzles and make choices that will impact not just the character’s fate but the story as well.

Card Combat

Combat in Abyss Fantasia uses a turn-based card battle system. Cards have different effects depending on the situation, meaning a variety of ways to use cards. As players do battle, they must be wary the toll of the Abyss takes on them, and return to the border town of Cynthia before it’s too late. Here they can prepare for exploration, gather supplies, forge new equipment and choose unique relics to help in journeys into the depths.

The story does sound a bit bleak, with people continually trying to unearth treasure with huge risks. But hey what’s an adventure without a little peril? Abyss Fantasia looks to have some intriguing concepts, with some interesting card battles. The game will release sometime in 2024 for PC via Steam.

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