Absolver Releasing This August on PS4 and PC, New Combat Trailer Released

Devolver Digital and SloClap have announced that their upcoming Online Combat RPG, Absolver is releasing August 29th for the PS4 and PC. To mark the announcement, they have released a new combat trailer which you can see below:

The video takes a look at the 2 primary components of Absolver, the Combat Deck and Combat Styles.

The Combat Deck is the list of attacks that are available to the player in combat. Players can choose one of 4 stances and in each stance they have different attacks: a sequence of up to 3 moves and 1 alternative attack. Every attack starts and finishes in a certain stance so players can play around with how they start and finish to set up their opponents. You learn attacks for your Combat Deck by fighting others in the world, by defending against unknown attacks. To actually earn attack XP though you have to actually win your fights.

Combat Style is chosen at the start and the the different styles improve different stats. Each style has a special ability that can be used during combat for an advantage. With the 3 styles available at the start, you can parry, avoid or absorb attacks. More styles will be discovered as players discover the world of Raslan. You will also be able to become a mentor and teach others your style, allowing your students to learn new styles and their mentor’s Combat Deck.

The fight mechanics compliment the depth of the combat system. A perfect attack rewards precise timing by allowing following attacks to chain faster and stun longer. You can also use feints to cancel attacks. Tension Shards are glowing crystals which fill during combat and can be used to trigger powers which shift the advantage of a battle in your favor. It’s not just hand to hand though, there are weapons available and these also come with their own Combat Deck.

Intense stuff. We got to play Absolver for ourselves last E3 and found the combat very engaging. PvP enthusiasts may be in for a treat when it drops this August. Thoughts on how the game is shaping up? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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6 comments on “Absolver Releasing This August on PS4 and PC, New Combat Trailer Released”

  1. Avatar TSMP says:

    That is the single best thing I’ve ever seen in a video game.

  2. Avatar Daos_Strange says:

    The game looks better and better in every new video. Short of any major surprises from E3, I think this will be my game of the year.

  3. Avatar Lich180 says:

    Well that looks really, really good. Takes a of tips from For Honor’s combat system and builds on it.

    Will there be dedicated servers or a P2P connection?

    Also, I don’t remember seeing thus before – are there NPCs to fight as well, or just human players?

  4. Avatar Daos_Strange says:

    This info about the online connections came out about a week ago and was taken from the FAQ on Reddit which you can find HERE

    So take that for whatever you will, but my guess is it will be a P2P connection. SloClap is a small indie studio and Absolver is their first game. I highly doubt they have the available funds for dedicated servers. But since it’s not a persistent world, there really is no need for dedicated servers anyway. With the right netcode, P2P works just fine.

    There is a storyline in the game and NPCs that you will fight along the way. Other players can seamlessly enter your world and help you or hurt you, teach you or be taught by you.

  5. Avatar TSMP says:

    As long as they have LAN, I think it’ll be fine either way.

  6. Avatar Lich180 says:

    Yeah I have no problem with P2P done well.

    Dark Souls managed it pretty well, Nioh does pretty good as well, I think the only P2P game recently that has issues is For Honor.

    Might as well jump on the hype train! Choo choo

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