Absolver “Patch 1.07” Has Gone Live!

Absolver “Patch 1.07” Has Gone Live!

Today, Sloclap released patch 1.07 for their online ARPG, Absolver,ย  that quickly addresses feedback from the community’s experience with update 1.06.

Absolver – Patch 1.07 Up For Grabs!

Announced on their official Twitter account, this fast update reverts some of the changes made prior as they were causing issues for players in the game. The new 1.07 update currently available for PC via Steam.

Below, you can check out the changes made in 1.07 made for Absolver:

Update 1.07 has just been uploaded on Steam to correct these issues:

– we have identified a bug which caused animations to play incorrectly and hits not to be detected: this has been fixed and is included in the 1.07 update.

– from a gameplay side, we probably made too many changes at the same time; we have therefore reverted changes made to the dodge mechanic, and done some tweaks to ranges and guard impact of previously changed attacks.

We are actively working on other remaining issues (loading and disconnect issues in Combat Trials, amongst others).

You can read Absolver‘s previous 1.06 patch notes here.

Absolver is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Visit the Absolver Wikiย and the complete Trophy Guide!

A deluxe vinyl set of Absolver‘s original soundtrack was announced. It features tracks from well-known composer, Austin Wintory and is wrapped in beautiful art-work done by Niklas Akerblad.

You can check out our review of Absolver and see if its a game for you. There’s also this guide for starting your own fighting school within Absolver!

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