Absolver Closed Beta Registration for PC Now Open

Absolver Closed Beta Registration for PC Now Open

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer SloClap have announced that Absolver closed beta registrations are now open. If you would like to get in on the action before it releases on August 29th for the PS4 and PC, you can sign up by visiting their website here.

Registrations will be accepted until Friday June 16th with the session set to begin on June 19th. This test session will be PC only, via Steam. Game controllers are fully supported and recommended. Afterwards, you’ll receive a feedback form by the end of the tests, and a dedicated Discord channel will be available for chatting with fellow players during the Beta.

The online combat RPG pits players against each other as they master a variety of fighting styles and customize different attacks in their combat deck. Players can take on the role of mentor or student and learn new moves and styles from each other.

We’re getting up close and personal with Absolver during E3 next week and will be bringing you our impressions. In the meantime, check out our hands on preview from last E3 and our developer interview with SloClap.

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  1. MMOORE says:

    False advertising close beta registration at this time is BULL…SHAME on YOU!!!

  2. Avatar Argetlam350 says:

    You are literally a month late learn to read dates of when the article is posted… Also welcome to the forums.

  3. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    Dang, did they create an account just to post this?

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