Absolver 3v3 BETA Starting This Weekend!

Absolver 3v3 BETA Starting This Weekend!

Mark your calendars if you’d like to participate in the upcoming beta for the new “Overtake” game mode that’s coming to the Absolver   action-RPG.

Absolver – New Game Mode!

Just revealed today in an announcement by developer Sloclap, the 3v3 Beta will commence this Friday and will be available to all players on Steam. However, no word was said about a PlayStation 4 beta for the new game mode.


Furthermore, the studio has also teased their upcoming 1.11 update by mentioning that it’ll launch alongside a “featured promotion on Steam”.  The full announcement can be found below and if you’re interested, you can check out the latest 1.10 patch notes for Absolver.

Hi everyone !

We will be running a beta test this weekend for the upcoming 3v3 “Overtake” game mode. The goal is to gather both technical and gameplay feedback and make the final tweaks before we officially release the game mode in early December (precise date is still TBD ).

The 3v3 beta should be available this Friday via a specific branch to all owners of the game on Steam. We will send more precise instructions via email, social media, and the forums as soon as the build is live after testing is completed. This sneak peek test will be most useful with as many players as possible so please make plans to join us for the test if you are able !

Please note that there will be a number of other improvements with the upcoming Absolver  1.11 update which won’t be featured in the 3v3 beta test – we won’t spoil them here, and we’ll give more information on these new bits very soon! Also, the Absolver  1.11 update will roll out alongside a featured promotion on Steam and a targeted marketing campaign to hype up both existing players and bring in new Prospects to Absolver.  We would appreciate your support and help in getting the word out when the new Absolver  1.11 update is live and sharing the game with friends you think might enjoy it!

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to seeing you this week end to try out the new Overtake game mode with the dev team!

More news soon,
Sloclap Team

Absolver  is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

You can check out our review on Absolver  and see what’s all the fuss about. And you can also check out our guide for starting your very own fighting school in the game!

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  1. Avatar Lich180 says:

    Well it’s about time. Might be too late for this game, but you never know. Warframe started out rough and got better, so maybe Absolver will too.

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