A New Dragon Age Project Is In The Works According to BioWare

A New Dragon Age Project Is In The Works According to BioWare

Though lacking any kind of official reveal or announcement, speaking to the 1099 podcast, Dragon Age series Creative Director Mike Laidlaw said that “something is happening with Dragon Age,” which very well could imply a new game in the series, which last saw a release back in 2014 with Dragon Age: Inquisition.


He said he could not go into detail but did say that the team at BioWare has been hiring more people. In addition to Dragon Age, Laidlaw said that the studio at BioWare is working on other things they can’t go into, which we presume are different than their recently revealed Anthem. Also revealed in the podcast was the existence of a Jade Empire sequel which never saw the light of day due to the work on the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series.

Interesting stuff. We figured there would be another Dragon Age game in the series, but the question is always when. If this project is in fact the next game, then it’s good to know it’s already being worked on, which hopefully means it’s not too far behind. What are your thoughts on this teased morsel? What would you like to see in a follow up to Dragon Age: Inquisition? Sound off in the comments.

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4 comments on “A New Dragon Age Project Is In The Works According to BioWare”

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I want, i love this series

  3. Avatar announakis says:

    at last some gaming news than gets me excited!
    looks like I will not purchase any gaming device before the end of this year at least at this rate !

  4. Avatar Sidney_Losstarot says:

    I hope to see a DA 4 very soon
    I still have to complete the DLCs of DAI anyway….

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