A beer-fueled Gamescom: in pictures!

A beer-fueled Gamescom: in pictures!

Fextralife is a gaming community, but we also enjoy our traveling and our drinking! This post is a visual guide to some great beers who valiantly sacrificed themselves so that we may endure the agonizing wait to our hands-on with Dark Souls 3.

All of these were consumed within a 48 hour period… Kanpai!


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MMO raider by day and guide writer by night, Fex enjoys multiplatform gaming, good books and animes, and streaming with a cold beer.

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15 comments on “A beer-fueled Gamescom: in pictures!”

  1. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I’m exhausted from a long day… What should we drink tonight.. Mhm…

  2. Avatar XuitusTheGreat says:

    Looks delicious

    I’m assuming they were good? Any better than others?

  3. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I’d love to tell you but I’d have to remember how to spell his 18 letter words that stand for beer names xD

    Planning on doing some beer scouting today in Cologne too!

  4. Dr.funk says:

    Im assuming you guys/girls are eating some curry wurst? Or even a nice Brat wurst. If you dont shame on you for spitting this uber delicious meal in the face


  5. Avatar XuitusTheGreat says:

    I just threw up a little in my mouth…

  6. Avatar Castielle says:

    I had a Schnitzel today that was orgasmic.

    True Story.


  7. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Do you mean the restaurant staff did rude things to your food, or are you fired?


  8. Dr.funk says:

    Schnitzel is great to yeah, with mushroom sauce :thumbs up:

  9. Dr.funk says:

    It tastes great believe me hahahahah

    Im not talking about the vomit in your mouth btw

  10. Avatar Castielle says:

    That mushroom sauce…soon guten!!!


  11. Avatar Grimgrin says:

    I am again very jealous. I just love beer so much *tears in eyes*

  12. Avatar ghozt2015 says:

    Aw man, I remember them days of tossing back a few good ol’ cold ones, but for the better, I put all that to rest due to me being a recovering alcoholic/addict.

    It sure looks like you all had a grand time! I would love to do what you all do, like, what is it like running an online community of people that for the most part love you and you go all around the world and to gaming conventions and bring the news and media and everything gaming-realted to us??? I really want to pursue a job like that!

  13. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Flying around the world gets old pretty fast haha. But I do love being able to see things first hand and bring player questions to developers.

    If you would like to work in the gaming industry, writing is a good place to start. You can apply for an internship at many press sites and work your way from there. Alternatively there’s always the game testing, which would be a foot in the door for some major game companies but is also not the funniest job in the planet XD.

    If you want writing experience for your resume, the fextralife blog is open to submissions by all our users, just let me know and I’ll give you contributor status

  14. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    Hello. I’m not really a drinker, but this post has given me an idea. How about a thread telling stories about times where something happened that made you want a drink, really, really, bad.

  15. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    What kind of writings do you do?

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