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5 Reasons Bloodborne 2 Will Be At E3 2017

Update Dec 08 2017: It didn’t happen for E3, but The Game Awards has just shown some secretive frames by FromSoftware with the title “Shadow die Twice”.


For quite some time, we’ve had the feeling that we’ll be getting a reveal of Bloodborne 2 at E3 2017, and in an effort to purge that wriggling thought worm, we decided to write down the clues that are leading us down this path of speculation. Of course, this is all guesswork until something is officially confirmed, and after the leaks leading to the original Bloodborne’s announcement, it’s understandable that Sony is keeping things hush-hush.

This is a RUMOR article. Most of these could be hints at a new IP or a remaster, but this article addresses the “feeling” of a Bloodborne 2. Leave your guesses in the comments!

1. From + Sony’s Rumored 3 Game deal

A now banned NeoGaff user called Verendus had claimed insider knowledge that Sony and From Software had signed a 3 game deal to bring Bloodborne to reality. This same user had stated “Demon’s Souls 2” was in development in 2013, and this was possibly Bloodborne as a different name was specified. Verendus had also made several other statements that panned out, but given that some of the other predictions did not and that the user was eventually banned we have to take what was said with a healthy grain of salt. Whether the 3 game deal is true or not, it’s hard to say, but if you follow the breadcrumbs in several interviews, they reveal some interesting information that could support this theory:

According to a discussion with Eurogamer, From was concerned about making a game exclusively on a single platform, and Sony convinced them. This could mean a longer term plan was proposed as mitigation against the risk of launch-season development. We also know that Sony is “absolutely” wanting to work with From again:

You also had the Bloodborne DLC, finally. Are you hoping to work with From Software again?

Shuhei Yoshida: Absolutely. As you know, they’re a publisher as well, and also occasionally developer. Being management of From Software, I can totally understand they’re publishers, they have to manage their resources. But also they support Miyazaki-san’s creative vision. Sometimes he might want to do something risky for them – in that case, we might have a chance of working with us. That was the case for Bloodborne. It was early, from a Japanese publisher’s standpoint, to bet big on a PS4-only title. That was a quite large development effort. We’re able to work closely with them. We have great relationships, and because of the nature of them being publishers and developers, it’s a unique relationship. We wish to continue to work with them.

Given the above, and that Sony’s objectives with Bloodborne were fully met (it moved an estimated 2.70 million copies, helped migrate users to PS4, and was successfully merchandised and provided extensive branding for Playstation), commercially, a sequel would be a sure sell.

2. The Supposed Leaked E3 Conference Schedule

A now edited series of articles made the internet rounds recently, showcasing a leaked timeline for E3 events. While Fextralife is going to E3, and we know of certain things coming that everyone is going to be delighted about, we have not seen an official “conference timeline” so we doubt this one is real, particularly when the original form of this came from this NeoGaff thread…BUT, it seems the only change to the articles was the removal of Bloodborne 2 from the list.

Now, going full conspiracy mode, the only reason to remove something from a false article created for clickbait is…? Right, can’t think of anything! So either:

a) The article was real and the Bloodborne 2 listing was incorrect


b) The article wasn’t real but the accidental correct listing of Bloodborne 2 triggered a cease-and-desist from Sony

The screenshot that made Twitter go crazy – simply a gamer’s predictions

3. From Software Projects + Miyazaki’s Interview

We know, from interviews with Miyazaki, that one of the three confirmed titles From Software is working on is a “Dark Fantasy” RPG. Miyazaki also stated:

The second thing is that one of the new titles I’ve been working on will probably comply with the expectations from the fans in straightforward manner.

From an interview with IGN

Now this could mean a new game, or a remaster…however, we have found proof that From is likely hiring for a “Console, Dark Fantasy, Realistic” “Creature” and “Background” temporary designer. If the title was a remaster, new creature and character design would be unlikely!

The fact the position is temporary means that whatever is being developed is exceeding the permanent staff of the studio, and the fact it’s an artistic position suggests the project is in advanced stages of production, with conceptualization and the engine having been largely completed, and the dress-up part of the game now being worked on.

FromSoftware is not mentioned in this listing, but it specifies the location of the offices is 7 minutes from Sasakusa Sta., Keio Line. This is where FromSoftware’s offices are!


4. The Supposed Leaked Logo

While this could be a well-done make-believe confection, and there are online arguments about whether the TM on the logo would be placed after “Bloodborne” or “Bloodborne 2”, this logo coming to light makes the buzz a little more believable. Additionally, whoever created this logo nailed it! Yes it could be completely fan made, but this has quite the perfect vibe and branding that you would expect from a seasoned developer and publisher.

The allegedly leaked logo that mysteriously appeared alongside several developer tweets about the original game

5. The Developer Buzz & Souls Timeline

Around the time that the leaks began happening, our Twitter feed filled up with subtle Bloodborne-related commentary from developers involved with the original game. This included tweets from PR Manager Yasuhiro Kitao and Game producer Yamagiwa promoting game merchandise and sales a good 2 years after release.

The real mystery tweet though, is a picture of a sushi dinner from February with Shuehi Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios and FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki.

“Today I had a fantastic conversation. I learned a lot~!”

Is Bloodborne 2 Coming to E3 2017?

Given From Software’s production cycle, and the fact that Bloodborne development began in 2013 for an early 2015 release, it’s entirely possible that Bloodborne 2 has been in the works and would be announced at E3 2017 with a release date of March 2018. It fits the development cycles to date, which has made the Souls series a near yearly affair.

Click to enlarge! You can deduce the release pattern and schedules based on this timeline


Given all of the above, it is clear that From Software has been careful not to cannibalize it’s own market by pacing announcements and releases, while also providing multi-platform alternatives to accompany exclusive releases. For example, the “Prepare to Die” PC edition released as Artorias of the Abyss DLC for consoles, and Scholar of the First Sin released on all platforms a month before Bloodborne graced the PS4 crowd.

Now that Dark Souls is said to be “finished”, even though the developers have specifically said they would be open to remasters, it is understandable that players are expecting to see a Bloodborne 2 announcement at E3 2017. As we have explored in this write-up, the signs are there, now we need to see if they turn into reality! May we be granted eyes this June. If it does get announced, here’s a list of things we’d love to see in the sequel.

What are your conclusions? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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74 responses to “5 Reasons Bloodborne 2 Will Be At E3 2017”

  1. I don’t think Bloodborne II will be announced at E3. None of the evidence for that seems compelling, and I can’t see it shooting straight from “we don’t have any plans for that right now” to “this is our next game.” I don’t think it’s unlikely we’ll see BB2 eventually; I just don’t think it’s time for it yet.

    Of course that’s going on Miyazaki’s word about what FromSoft is doing. It’s entirely possible Sony could have another studio do it, but I don’t know how likely that is, nor do I want it.

    At this point, though, there HAS to be a FromSoft game announced at E3. It’s somewhat bizarre that we haven’t seen anything yet, considering that they have (at least) three games in development and have never gone a full year without releasing a game. I think it’s very likely to be a Sony exclusive, and will possibly have PSVR functionality.

  2. The chalice dungeons were a huge letdown for Bloodborne… The idea was good but they needed to go full-on Diablo mode with it.

    I think I have my next article… 5 things the Souls series must do to take it to the next level!

  3. honestly I do not really care whether it is properly BB sequel or not: I want a “souls” game that promotes skill, mobility (fuck those shields once and for all) and makes chalice dungeons what everyone one hoped it would be and more.

    the rest is rhetorics

  4. I think I’m earning 5k souls from TSMP


    Not taking the 10k bet, as whilst I think BB2 is coming, I think it may be later on ;)

  5. Interesting points.

    Lessee… I wouldn’t personally count BB as dark fantasy, but the question is whether From counts it as dark fantasy or not. I’d consider it straight gothic and/or lovecraftian, myself.

    10k souls says BB2 is not announced.
    5k souls says no dark fantasy game is announced at all.

  6. Seems everyone is betting Bloodborne 2 is happening then :P

    It may be a different IP too… MOAR BETS!

  7. >

    I wonder if From pays attention to this kind of stuff, and how they feel about it. The people have spoken what they want! And they want Bloodborne 2! Who are you to deny them this?! Oh right, the devs. The devs have the right to deny them this………

  8. 19K souls on BB2

    because if not, life will be less.

    and a hoonter must hoont!

  9. I want this to happen. Even if it goes to a different developer, I want to see what happens, and what someone else can do with the IP.

  10. i mean it would make sense to do e3 now and comes out roughly jp q1 around march/april
    *chugs sedatives*

  11. I’m not touching that bet. I think the flower conversation is (giggle giggle) blossoming, because when you look at Fex’s points it’s all pretty much, “yeah, she’s onto something.”

    Also, when the roses that are right near those scilla bloom, it’ll probably take over ALL conversations. I don’t know what corpses the former owners were burying down there, but they’ve led to some really cool plants we inherited.

  12. So what’s the over under on Bloodborne 2 at E3? I think we ought to get some wagers going on. Does Fex get more “Souls” for her collection if she is right?


  13. So my carefully cited research gets overshadowed by Skarekrow’s flowers? pffffttt

  14. That would be fitting. Not as cool as the fireflies in the opening cinematic of DS2, but fitting.

  15. They’re a spring bulb similar to tulips to whoever told you that was not entirely off. As far as symbolism goes they’re the usual spring theme: hope, promise, etc.

  16. Well, the house was made in the early 1900s when property laws were a little more…ahem…casual. So who knows what’s down there.

    More importantly, I spent forever trying to determine what type of flower it was supposed to be in the Hunter’s Dream and couldn’t find anything that’s an exact match. Then in the spring they just start growing in the yard like “Hey guy, looking for me?” To be fair, the petal count is wrong, but it’s the closest match I’ve found.

    That flower dominates the dream and is even carved onto Gehrman’s Wheelchair and it’s always drove me nuts since it SHOULD be an easy connection. I saw a redditor claiming tulips to symbolize unrequited love, but they don’t look remotely like any tulips I can find.

    So anyway…scilla huh? *goes to look up scilla*

  17. >

    As far as i care, yes. Also, Skare may have a corpse buried in his yard.

  18. What you’ve got there is called Scilla. There’s a cemetery right by me that is covered in it as well. Further confirmation?

  19. I’ve been skeptical for a long time, thinking a lot of it was wishful thinking, but if it really is the case, I’d be excited as hell, both for the game itself, and the massive amount of hate………………..god, what has the internet done to me.

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