5 Games Made for Trophy Hunters

5 Games Made for Trophy Hunters

Alright, well before we start this list off I’d like to do a bit of explaining on why these games are made for trophy hunters. Now the main goal for many of us that hunt for trophies consists of obtaining the platinum trophy or unlocking all of the trophies available, the same also goes for those that hunt for achievements on Xbox. However, one thing I always say about obtaining these trophies isn’t that we should place a large amount of value on the platinum itself but rather the journey towards the platinum. Essentially the whole idea of the hunt is to have fun and think of the platinum as a long term goal.

With that being said, if you’re here for easy to platinum games you’ve come to the wrong list. Games like that are a walk in the park, and generally are only fun when we make fun of how horrible they are. No this list is for the individuals looking for a challenging journey towards their platinum as they have fun and are challenged by the game they choose to play.

With that being said, here’s a list of games, for those of you that are looking for a good time. Keep in mind that these aren’t in much of an order as I’m not competent enough to rate which one is more difficult than the other.


Systems: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Coming in on the first of the list, this game is a first person parkour game with a bit of gun violence here and there. With a decent story, this game centers around a woman by the name of Faith as the scales over ramps, dives off of buildings, and fights cops all while making us insecure about our own weight.

However the actual challenge you’ll be facing while playing this game won’t come from the story itself, no the real challenge you’ll face in this will come from the time trials. These obnoxious beasts will have you going for hours on end until you’re finally able to get the trial just right. Until you are able to complete the trials this game will test your patience and will to keep trying at the trials.


Platforms: Dark Souls- Playstation 3, Xbox 360; Demon’s Souls- Playstation 3

Yes, of course these games were going to get on the list. However, I’m keeping both Dark Souls and Demon’s souls in the same position just to keep some space open for other games. In the world of Demon’s Souls you’ll find yourself squaring off against demons and maddened humans as you try to save the world, unlike in Dark Souls where you end up in the land of Lordran where you find out how you might be able to save the dying land.

Now, these games are known for their difficulty however for most players you’ll start to realize that after your second time around new game plus that these games aren’t necessarily difficult but assume that you’re smart enough not have your hand held throughout the games. With that being said, while all the bosses you run across in these games present quite a bit of a challenge for you, your ability to beat them lies on how patient you’ll be with the game.

Though bosses aren’t the only thing that will give you a challenge throughout your hunt, no the real teeth grinders will be the farming throughout the game, this goes doubly for Demon’s Souls which has gained a huge notoriety for the farming of it’s Pure Bladestone and other items used to upgrade your weapons. These might just send you on a weeks long journey of hunting down the games titanite pieces and rare weapon drops until you know everything like the back of your hand.  However, due to Demon’s Souls being a PS3 exclusive Dark Souls is a game just as difficult as it’s indirect sequel.


Platforms: Playstation 3

A lot like the previously mentioned Mirror’s Edge Dyad is a game that’s difficulty hinges on it’s trophy challenges, however unlike Mirror’s Edge the whole game is one huge challenge for you. As it’s whole game is entirely skill based you won’t be just doing the trophy challenges. No, you see in order to even unlock these challenges to unlock the trophies you’ll end up spending quite a bit of time getting a three out of three on the simple and more complex stages of the game before you get the ability to rip your hair out from the trophy challenges themselves.

It’s because of how skill based game this is, that it will come as a challenge to just about everyone that is an average skilled gamer. As it will continually test your patience to keep moving on in the game as the challenges get even more difficult.


Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

For anyone that doesn’t know a lot about tactical games, I’ll give you a brief synopsis on previous X-com related games. They’re hard. They’re considered some of the most challenging games out there for players that enjoy games involving tactics and sci-fi action. As in the game you end up as a general in charge of the X-COM project, which has been made to counter an invading alien army.

With all of that being said Enemy Unknown is no exception to that rule. While it does have a variety of difficulties with some made for new players, the game’s platinum requires you to play through all of them. With that being said you’re going to go through hell and back commanding your own squad of X-com soldiers and at the same time making sure the countries that are supporting you continue to do so.


Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

This might just be considered one of the hardest puzzle games out there. With it’s mind bending puzzles and, uh, interesting story this game might not attract every audience but it sure as hell should attract anyone looking for a challenge.

In the game you will find a large amount of puzzles that will progress you through the story, with most of them challenging you even on the regular difficulties. Not to mention that this game has a variety of endings along with it, you’ll be spending a hell of a long time with it’s multiple endings you’ll be playing this game for quite some time before you reach it’s platinum trophy.

Trophies aren’t the only thing to hunt.  Chase down more game articles here


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    for me Gran Tourismo 5, Ninja Gaiden series, Star Ocean Last Hope Int Ed, Soul Series, and Arkham Series…..based on difficulty, and time consuming. Star Ocean; the endurance to acquired platinum with 300+ hours, well worth the money….hahahahahah

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