5 Best Steam Game Demos You Should Try NOW! 

5 Best Steam Game Demos You Should Try NOW! 

5 Best Steam Game Demos You Should Try NOW! – In this 5 Best Steam Game Demos You Should Try NOW special, I am going to share with you the top demos on Steam that are worthy of your time. These are comprised of unique and charming Roguelites, deckbuilders, and 2D action RPGs that have been created by new and upcoming developers. If you are searching for the best titles to play before they launch in 2022 and 2023, then this article is for you!

5 Best Steam Game Demos You Should Try NOW!

In the first half of 2022, we saw the release of Horizon Forbidden West, Lost Ark, and Elden Ring, as well as other notable titles such as King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, Salt and Sacrifice, and V Rising Early Access. In the next coming months, you can expect the launch of the games we will talk about today, barring any delays. Without further ado, here are the 5 Best Steam Game Demos You Should Try NOW!

5 Best Steam Game Demos – Cult of the Lamb (August 2022)

Cult of the Lamb is a dark action Roguelite RPG with a base building system in which you create a massive following of worshippers to eventually dominate to become the one and only Cult. This was not your true intention as the demo will initially have you trudge along a desolate land. After being sacrificed to the gods, you were suddenly teleported to this magical place to meet the chained The One Who Waits. In exchange for giving you another shot at life, you must start and expand the Cult you are about to create in his name.

5 Best Steam Game Demos - Cult of the Lamb

This sets off Cult of the Lamb, which already pokes fun at some games that seemingly provide you with choices, particularly in the scenario where you can only choose between “Yes” or “Absolutely” to build a cult-like following. But the nods to other games do not end there. In fact, you will find this Roguelite reminiscent of Darkest Dungeon when it comes to surviving the randomly-generated world and taking good care of your followers.

5 Best Steam Game Demos - Cult of the Lamb Combat

You hack and slash hooded heretics or Bishops of the Old Faith together with grotesque creatures as you seek recruits from different realms who are in grave danger of becoming sacrificial animals themselves. The more followers you have, the more maps you can access.

In your base, you will be able to indoctrinate them with the things that need to be accomplished, especially when you are away. You initially choose their name and appearance and then accept who they are regardless of their randomized traits. Some of your followers can take longer to level up whereas others remain faithful and are not easily swayed by other religions.

Cult of the Lamb Base Building System

In the demo, you and your followers are taught to gather wood and stone in order to build a Cooking Fire to make food. It is also important to assign tasks, upgrade their equipment as well as unlock the rest of the buildings. Doing so will keep them happy and satisfied to remain faithful to the Cult.

At the start of every run, you can upgrade your equipment and then go through multiple levels upon successfully eliminating your foes. Cult of the Lamb also features a choice-based map system similar to Darkest Dungeon 2 where you get to pick seemingly safer paths until you reach the boss at the end. You can opt to gather more berries or chop extra wood depending on what you want to accumulate for your base.

Cult of the Lamb Map

In addition to the coin and materials you gain, you will also discover Tarot Cards, which grant perks during your run like receiving a temporary heart or improving weapon damage. There are no save points in between so you have to know the right time to attack and dodge to survive encounters. When you die, you lose 25% of the items you have gathered and then you begin another run.

Cult of the Lamb by developer Massive Monster and publisher Devolver Digital is gearing up for its release date on August 11, 2022. You can purchase it on Steam for USD 24.99. It is also available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

5 Best Steam Game Demos – Beneath Oresa (2022)

Beneath Oresa is a Roguelike deckbuilder, which will instantly remind you of Borderlands because of its cell-shaded art style and action-packed combat. Unlike other deckbuilders, this game will have your character execute whatever action their corresponding cards are supposed to do. For example, the basic Art of the Family card will allow you to personally damage the enemy up close and personal using your sword. This is a very unique presentation and one that would entice a lot of Action RPG fans as well.

5 Best Steam Game Demos - Beneath Oresa

Not much is revealed about the game’s story except that your playable character’s family has sworn an oath to protect citizens from the hostile mutants that roam the city of Oresa. Instead, the core focus of the demo is on the actual gameplay and combat. Right from the get-go, you can only play as Hectos with Nereide as your companion where you each have different hero powers and hero cards. A map is also shown on the bottom of the screen to indicate the type of encounters you will face including Breach and Scavenge, to name a few.

Beneath Oresa Scavenge

In Breach, you will choose between 2 random strategies. Some of them will not feature certain effects but others will allow you to thin your deck quite effectively by discarding one of the cards you do not need, as well as gain better rewards after successfully slaying your enemies. Scavenge will let you decide between two paths, each containing perks such as upgrading one of your cards or gaining back a portion of your health. This is a good avenue to take your much-needed rest.

5 Best Steam Game Demos - Beneath Oresa Combat

In every fight, you have to pay close attention to your resource cost, which is indicated as the blue circle beside your name, because this determines how many cards you can play. You should also be mindful of your armor to mitigate the damage you take during your foe’s turn. And finally, it is essential to fill up your Charge meter. Once this has been maximized, your character will automatically retaliate and counter the enemy’s melee attack, which may instantly kill them. After every victorious encounter, you will be able to select any card you want whether it involves gaining additional resources or even armor.

Beneath Oresa is developed and published by Broken Spear Inc. It will be released sometime this year on PC.

5 Best Steam Game Demos – Foretales (Summer 2022)

Another interesting deckbuilder, which is more adventure-oriented is the much-awaited Foretales developed by Alkemi and published by Dear Villagers. Unlike Beneath Oresa, Foretales follows a more traditional approach in terms of gameplay where the cards themselves will interact with each other rather than leave it to the characters to do so. Despite this, the charm of the game continues to captivate players because of how interesting the mechanics are.

5 Best Steam Game Demos - Foretales

In Foretales, you take on the role of the playful and sneaky avian thief Volepain together with his good tiger marauder friend, Leo. In one of your journeys, however, you were tasked to steal a lyre only to find out that it was not as simple as it seemed. Because of this, Volepain began seeing vicious and horrible visions of the future. The question is, do you have what it takes to save the world before you run out of time?

Foretales is a beautiful work of art featuring bold, bright colors, and memorable designs where the overworld involves a bunch of cards and a game board, all of which are hand-drawn. The art style is what will initially draw players in. But this is not the only component of the game that makes it stand out. In fact, the non-linear gameplay is something worth discussing because you have the choice to choose the activities you wish to engage in such as fighting against hostile creatures or scaring them into submission.

Foretales Skill Cards

In the demo, you have two playable characters with their respective skill cards, consumable cards in the form of money and food, and morale cards. Money and food are essential to retrieve valuable information from the NPCs you meet. It can also be used to perform rests to gain additional skill cards. Meanwhile, morale is categorized into two, namely Fame and Grim, which correspond to good and unlawful deeds, respectively. For instance, if you manage to murder your enemy in combat, you will gain 1 Grim point but if you convince them to walk away, then you will receive 1 Fame point instead.

Foretales Morale Cards

Next, there is the Exploration Deck that shows specific places and areas to move the story forward. So you can opt to steal food from the market or pay for them if you have a lot of money. After interacting with it, a new location card will be revealed. You also have the Search Party, which is comprised of potential enemies that you will encounter via exploration such as guards roaming around the village.

5 Best Steam Game Demos - Foretales Combat

Combat is turn-based but you are not limited to engaging in fights right away since you can use your infamy to weasel your way out of it or even intimidate your foes to drastically reduce their morale. When you do decide to brawl it out, you best be prepared since a lot of them are quite strong. You must then be ready to stun them and deal as much damage as possible.

Foretales is a gorgeous, story-rich adventure deckbuilder with quirky characters and challenging puzzles that will test your creativity. This game is expected to be released on PC and Nintendo Switch in the Summer of 2022.

Tarnishing of Juxtia (Summer 2022)

Tarnishing of Juxtia is a 2D action RPG with Soulslike elements that will remind you of Death’s Gambit. Here, you play as the last creation of the Goddess, Juxtia, where you embark on a journey to cleanse two isolated kingdoms of the corruption that is the Tarnishing. This is a dark fantasy title with detailed pixel art designs featuring more than 10 luscious environments to explore, an evocative soundtrack, and about 14 challenging bosses to fight against.

5 Best Steam Game Demos - Tarnishing of Juxtia

In true Soulslike fashion, you will be collecting currency, which you will spend to level up your character and to equip special abilities like relics that you get from bosses. Rather than choosing from several classes, you will fully customize your character by combining different weapon and armor types as well as investing in specific stats. Enemies are also difficult to go fight, often requiring patience, skill, and upgrades to best.

5 Best Steam Game Demos - Tarnishing of Juxtia Combat

One feature that makes the Tarnishing of Juxtia unique is the Energy Rush System. This is quite similar to Bloodborne’s risk-reward Rally mechanic in the sense that your resources, specifically stamina and mana, are boosted when you hit enemies in quick succession. It is a system designed for an aggressive playstyle that is not for the faint of heart. Tarnishing of Juxtia, which is developed by Actual Nerds and published by Mastiff, will be released on PC in the Summer of 2022.

Nine Sols (Q2 2023)

Nine Sols is a 2D Action-Adventure game that will take you to the last remaining realm of the Solarian known as New Kunlun. You play as the hero Yi who has recently been awakened by a human boy. You will soon find out that the city is not as serene as you might think since the residents here are being sacrificed to the gods. In an effort to save them, you must slay the nine gods or Sols who rule over this despicable realm.

5 Best Steam Game Demos - Nine Sols

What RedCandleGames is aiming to do with Nine Sols is to showcase hand-drawn aesthetics that would combine Taoism and eastern mythology with a cyberpunk setting. Not only are the visuals gorgeous, but it is also strikingly beautiful, similar to the wonder exuded by Spiritfarer. Although far from being a highly emotional story, Nine Sols is catered more towards platformer and Sekiro fans.

5 Best Steam Game Demos - Nine Sols Combat

One of the game’s main attractions is its Sekiro-lite combat style that is highly responsive and exhilarating at the same time. To survive, you will have to master the art of charging toward your foes and deflecting their attacks, which allows you to save resources for special abilities like the Chi to blow them up. It is an interesting system and one that would provide enough challenge as you explore and encounter mobile enemies of different types. Similar to the Tarnishing of Juxtia, an aggressive playstyle is rewarded where the more hits you land, the more health you restore.

Nine Sols Skill Tree

Moreover, the way you gain skill points is also integrated well into the gameplay itself. Upon defeating a great number of enemies, you accumulate energy, which is located beside your health. Once maximized, you will be able to receive 1 skill point.

Nine Sols Boss Fight

While exploring the secrets of New Kunlun, you will encounter rest points that restore your health and reanimate the foes you have slain. There are also platforming puzzles to overcome. Similar to Hollow Knight, Yi will be able to perform dash, wall-jumping, and the usual slash attacks. Nine Sols will be released in Q2 of 2023 via PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and macOS.

That’s it for the 5 Best Steam Game Demos You Should Try NOW! What did you think of this list? Which game are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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