10 Takeaways from DMC 5 Dante Gameplay at TGS 2018

We were fortunate enough to get some hands-on capture time with Capcom’s upcoming Devil May Cry 5 at TGS 2018. This time, we could play as Dante in wonderful 4k 60fps, and we absolutely loved it.

DMC5 Dante Gameplay TGS 2018: 10 Takeaways


Amazing performance

The first thing that will impress upon you is just how good the game looks. Running at full 60fps without a single frame dropped in 4k, this is the smoothest Devil May Cry has ever looked, and a significant factor in the stylish feel of gameplay. Monster Hunter World has certainly raised our expectations for Capcom handiwork, and DMC is a strong case for their best graphical quality yet.


Someone is aging well!

Intuitive controls

Devil May Cry 4 offered players control adjustment, that was much needed to succeed, but the on-the-fly swapping of weapons has become a fantastic way to quickly connect different attacks. DMC3 veterans might struggle at first due to their “old school” habits, but the new layout feels excellent and gives phenomenal responsiveness.


An arsenal and a dante that would be “closer to DMC3 than DMC4”

Improved combos

With the addition of new exciting weapons (motorcycles!) and classics, the game delivers on the promise of varied, fluid, relentless, stylish combat. One of the tenants of Devil May Cry is to “play with your food”, so you don’t want to do too much damage to an enemy until you have lined up another to keep up your combo and connect some different moves. With the new combinations available, players can switch from a stinger or trickster dash to Ebony & Ivory bullet-time and finish off with dual bikes to the face.


Combos felt fluid and packed a satisfying punch.

3D maps

The game no longer follows a 2D camera as you progress, and this new immersion brings with it the “which way do I go” that many other games present. Cutscenes give clues as to paths and locations, but this iteration of the game may reward exploration and attention somewhat more than previous titles.


Always a pleasure to come by

Destruction feels good

With a rather destructible environment, players will continue to dispatch enemies as smoothly as possible, while keeping an eye out for anything that they can destroy in the process. Candle-covered tombstones with a Gothic and bloodbornesque feel need to be eliminated on sight!


Shoot at enemies, slash at red orbs!

The map layout works

Devil May Cry has always had a mix of city and gothic that, for some reason, just works. DMC 5 is no exception, and we found the process of locating specific demonic branches, destroying them, and seeing how that affected the overall level to be good fun. It feels like a puzzle and there’s some gratification in seeing it completed, that does not get in the way of the action.


Seeing the map change as you progress is always fun

Enemy design is top-notch

Even seeing a short portion of the game has allowed us a rather good look into enemy variety, and it seems Capcom has brought in excellent talent for their design. Whilst the core demonic looks keep true to the hardcore metal vibe of the series, there’s perhaps a more gory and Resident Evil-like approach for some enemies. Their movesets, attacks and reactions seemed on point with what we were expecting and complemented the overall experience, by avoiding repetition, and keeping each encounter fresh and unique.


Demonic enemies keep their traditional look

Stylish Fighters don’t get hit

As an action game fan, I’ve always held that the key difference between games like Ninja Gaiden and DMC was that you can look cool in both of them, but only DMC gives you the right setting for a “perfect” run. This seems to hold true for DMC5, as off-screen enemies don’t throw attacks at you until they have become visible. You can thus be in an arena crowded with enemies, and smart positioning will allow you to flawlessly chain your attacks and take them all down without being hit.


You actually have the time to summon demon cycles!

Dante has always been cool

We were really happy to see Dante return and were equally delighted to hear his cocky commentary as we progressed. We weren’t thrilled about the battle music tracks, and maybe it will grow on us, but Dante’s antics more than make up for any shortcoming the music could deliver.


I’m sexy and I know it

This game should be in your radar

As Adventure, RPGs and Shooters slowly take over every other genre, pure, unbridled action games seem no longer en-vogue. DMC5 is Capcom’s dare to old and new audiences to test their skills in the cradle of gaming action. This uncompromising approach means there are no hints of cross-genre additions, but a decisive and committed focus to delivering pixel-perfect action. And we can’t wait.


Play like a badass, feel like a badass


TL;DR DMC 5 promises to deliver the good old days of actions games in 4k 60FPS. The demos back their story, and you should look forward to them redefining what stylish combat means and influencing many more games to come.


Want more DMC 5 content? The game is coming out on March 8th 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the TGS reveals, or the Monster Hunter World DMC collaboration. You might also be interested in other games coming next spring, such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or Red Dead Redemption 2.


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