10 iOS Apps That Make Life Easier

10 iOS Apps That Make Life Easier

Last updated on August 10th, 2015

Life moves fast and we often have more to do than we have time. Staying on top of our interests and responsibilities is hard to manage and balance. Luckily there are apps out there that help make the inundation a little more digestible and improve productivity. Here are 10 I swear by:




1. Feedly

There is a ton of news that pours in daily from countless sites. We all have our favorite go-to’s and RSS feeds are a great way to trim the fat of web browsing into your own personalized newspaper. Feedly does that in a clean interface and it integrates well with social media.


2. Pocket

So what do you do when you happen upon an article but don’t have time to read it in full? Send it to Pocket where it waits for you until you’re ready! Feedly integrates with Pocket and helps you trim that fat further!


3. Mercury

I love this browser to death. In the absence of my beloved Firefox on my phone and iPad, this little engine that could is the next best thing. It links with Firefox sync which keeps all your bookmarks in order across your devices. Pocket plugin for web pages? Got it. User agent faker? So long forced mobile view. Dropbox, Instapaper, Evernote integration and a file download directory just like Firefox (<3) makes this a browser that works for you.


4. Yelp

Not just for restaurants anymore, although it still shines as the place to go looking for new cuisine. You can find just about any business here, and can now write reviews right from the app. You can see hours, menus, get directions, and call businesses right from the app and many places offer check in discounts via Yelp.


5. Alien Blue

Really what reddit should look like. This is the best reddit navigator I’ve tried to date and I have to fight against wasting my day away browsing through it. Reddit is the front page of the internet and this is the best way to read it.


6. Amazon’s Kindle Reader

Great reader for books, PDF’s and documents. It integrates and opens multiple files and the reader’s interface and options are clean, quick and very useful.


7. Dropbox

I am always bouncing around, and for me being able to access my files and do my tasks across different devices is a huge priority. Dropbox is a cloud based file storage solution that syncs with pc’s and Dropbox mobile apps. Big PDF files can be prohibitive to carry around on mobile devices and Dropbox alleviates that by giving you access to your important files exactly when you need them.


8. Google Drive

Similar to Dropbox but it goes a bit in a different direction. This is a great tool to collaborate with others as you can share documents with other gmail users by simply granting their email permission. Being able to create documents from Drive and work on them later and let others do the same eliminates the bulky middleman of emailing attachments.


9. Spotify

Music takes up a lot of space, which is fine on computer hard drives but not on mobile devices which are limited. I pay $10 a month for legal unlimited streaming of damn near any and all music you can conceive of. Minus the Beatles but really everyone should make room for the Beatles and buy their library outright. This is a music nut’s dream and I’ve discovered more music than I can recall through it.


10. Hoot Suite

I spend a lot of time in social media, posting content and interacting with communities for a few different entities. I also have my own personal social media accounts. Logging in and out to each and every one every time I want to do something is a humongous pain in the ass. Hoot Suite lets me access them all at once, post to multiple accounts at once and reply to tweets and messages. The web client is better and more fully featured than the app, but the app is getting there.

Honorable Mention: WordPress, Stereomood, Mangastorm and fuck ESPN for my dependence on they’re shittily laid out app.

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12 comments on “10 iOS Apps That Make Life Easier”

  1. Cas says:

    So it’s not just me who hates ESPN’s app? *wipes sweat from brow*

  2. Riockmert says:

    Feedly and pocket are amazing, thank you so much for the suggestion! I now use them both on my Itouch and my laptop, and they work like a charm! Good stuff

    1. Emergence says:

      Glad you like them! I use them both on my PC too, and Pocket has a neat little add on for Firefox that lets you send to Pocket right from the Url window.

  3. WaffleGuy says:

    My dad used Google Drive one time.
    It was actually decent. As in, we didn’t end up on the 7th Nebula like last time we trusted Google.
    Great app!

  4. AnAsalBeag says:

    Kindle reader for sure, great to read at home and then continue on in work on the phone. The search the net option is so handy, expecially when reading a massive book series and they reintroduce a character\story arc that hasn’t been mentioned for 2 or more books.

    1. Emergence says:

      I also love the dictionary feature when you long touch a word.

  5. sansenoy says:

    I strongly recommend DiskUsage, an app as old as android itself, it seems, yet it still seems as modern and effective today as it did in the days of android 2.2… The interface is really innovative and elegant, and it’s the only app which reliably deletes files from any space; I’ve had instances where some quality file managers failed to properly delete files, they were still showing in DU after rescanning, probably some space allocation glitch…

    Also, Google Drive has the most amazing widget I’ve ever seen, even better than most HTC stuff… I keep it on my (only) homescreen just for the visual appeal, and the instant document scanner just seals the deal.

    1. Fexelea says:

      I’m curious about G drive, screenshot?

      1. sansenoy says:

        sorry, forgot to reply, here’s how it looks on my homescreen:


  6. sansenoy says:


    Even the program title looks great, and it works a a button; the middle button is the document scanner I was raving about…

    1. Fexelea says:

      That does indeed look very nice!! Thank you for taking the time to screenshot it 😀

    2. Emergence says:

      Now that I have made the swap to Android and have had time to get used to (i.e. love) it I will be writing up an Android edition. Google Drive will stay for sure, with its Android version being even better. Thanks for sharing the screen of the widget.

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