Rift Newbie Guide

Rift Newbie Guide

This is the game’s official site where you can log in and check your status and access forums, etc.

There is also a WIKI with very useful information so make sure to check it out.

Some basic concepts:

The World of Telara

The land faces an unprecedented challenge as dimensional rifts threaten the integrity of the realm. The Ascended (players) are heroes brought across time to help free Telara from the Blood Storm (A coalition of Gods from other planes). The players will encounter both local and foreign forces that are with and against them, and engage in massive battles for survival and power.


The Factions

Forum Image Dwarves

Forum Image High Elves

Forum Image Mathosian

Forum Image Bahmi

Forum Image Eth

Forum Image Kelari

Full Details on racial attributes can be found here

The player must chose to be a Guardian or a Defiant. The Guardians are the chosen champions of the Vigil (Telara’s Gods) and will fight on their command. The Defiants will fight to protect Telara but blame the Gods for the Rift war. Both factions can coexist in guilds but have different starting zones. Please note Asylum has a vast majority of Guardians in guild!


Soul Tree



The Souls / Classes

This game has a fantastic leveling system that allows you to customize your class and role in a completely new way.

A beginner’s introduction can be found here. And a point calculator for soul trees can be found here.








Called Tradeskills, the game has a crafting system that will not be new to mmo players. There are gathering and crafting skills, and you can chose whatever you want in up to three specializations. Here are the professions and their compatibility. You can find more detailed information on this website.




Here are some tips about the settings

The chat window

Chat Window Settings

Creating New Tabs

Chat Tab Settins


Name Settings

Floaty Name Settings

Selecting Floaty Names

Changing Name Colors


Action Bars and Other UI

UI Settings and Multiple Action Bars

Aoe Looting & NPC Icons

Multiple Action Bars

UI Scale and Quest Tracker


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