Mad Science Recipes: Carrots (prototype 1.0)

Mad Science Recipes: Carrots (prototype 1.0)

There comes a time in every person’s life where they must face seemingly insurmountable obstacles and challenges.  Like…”What should we have for lunch?”  It’s at these times we can look to the philosophies of (Mad) Science to rise above.  What philosophies are these you ask me? 

1. Always look to the world (aka “kitchen”) with an open mind

2. Experiment, experiment, experiment

3. Do not be dissuaded if a few abominations happen along the way.  Even if your dinner walks out the door and mauls peasants.  That’s just part of cooking

Carrot Prototype 1.0 (Banana sauce)


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2 comments on “Mad Science Recipes: Carrots (prototype 1.0)”

  1. Castielle says:

    How on earth did you stumble upon this?

    1. skarekrow13 says:

      Saturday I was looking around the kitchen for lunch for my daughter and I. Carrots sounded like a good addition and looking around for a way to cook them I went, “BANANA”

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