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mediocre damage, mediocre moveset, terrible range. There is not a single reason why anyone should use this weapon, unless they are doing a challange run or something.
Also fashion souls, it's one of the most swag weapons in the game. Extremely versital move set. Plus decent damage and high swing speed.
AND the smallest stamina consumption of any great sword.
Being the fastest greatsword and having broad sweeping attacks, seems good to me. Esp with the poise fix up and coming, i can see a use for a fast greatsword
This weapon is great. Git gud asap scrub.



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I love greatswords and I have used the Bastard Sword in most of my runs for early game.
Pro's: 1 Early accessible, 2 Easy to get, 3 cheap as fk only 3000, 4 Not Unique so you can obtain more to experience with diff builds, 5 quite fast for a Greatsword, 6 Low Stamina costs, 7 easy upgrade with titanite, 8 Nice early game damage, 9 Swag level over 9000.
Con's: 1 Shorter range then most greatswords. Kinda falls off in late game. Slightly due to damage, but mainly because the low range will pay its tole in late game as the enemies become more difficult.

Overal, I say that the Basterd Sword is a great weapon. One of the best weapons in early game, and not that hard to use. So I deeply recommend this weapon for beginners that have an interests in Greatswords.
Later in the game, you may want to replace the Basterdsword for something more mid/late game, but until the first lord of Cinder you are good to go with this weapon. YW.
Flthy Casul probably uses katanas
Infuse it wish lightning nice combo.
I bet I could hand you slices of your asses filleted with the tip of the bastard sword in PVP.
so i did some testing out off curiosity. i went and did some pvp with the zweihander. which has the upwards strike that makes them go flying for its weapon art. NO ONE tried to parry it, they avoided it like a normal human. then i went in with the bastard sword..... EVERY TIME I DID THE WEAPON ART MY OPPONENT KEPT TRYING TO PARRY THE WEAPON ART. do they think that because the weapon is smaller that they can parry it? aaahhh the community.......
Community? A handful of people is not representative of the community.
This! Thougt for myself that the drakeblood gs is a normal sword and wondered why it stunned me so hard after each hit. gs are sort of a blind spot beetween straight swords and UGSs for the community I think.
Bastard Sword's move set is pretty fun, good damage. After using Demon's Fists a bunch, the range is a-okay with me. Was using the Heavy Infusion until i got my stats to scale better with Dark/Chaos. On my Pyromancer this thing is a freaking blast (sword also looks reeaal dope with the sheath on your back). Very low Dex requirement was also a selling point to me, don't like wasting levels in stats i wont further invest in. PVP-wise, the move set is a lotta fun. Sword art always gets people, along with charging the two handed R2 (the delay kills folks). Switching between the 1H & 2H move set is generally how i get more skilled players. Main tip for this weapon is to keep the pressure on!
"Dark bastard sword" What does this sword belong to martin laurence?

Pls don't take serious it was just a joke
bastard sword is best sword
The Bastard Sword's handle is MUCH longer than the one depicted on the cover art tho.
?... I don't see it..l
Nah, the soul of cinders hand is just bigger than ours, he is a lot bigger than us so it looks smaller
It kinda doesn't make sense because the Soul of Cinder is normal-sized when he was dragging a hollow around in the intro cinematic.
This weapon and the Claymore are the best greatswords IMO. An even better greatsword would have the Stomp WA of the Bastard Sword while also having the thrusting strong attacks of the Claymore. but that would make them obsolete. Shame not many people use this because it and the Claymore feel basic. Same goes for the Light Crossbow.



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Not sure what'd be more fun for a templar based twink.

This or Claymore + Leo Ring. Stomp is a pretty neat skill to have.
Really? Bastard Sword is pretty bad. Lackluster R2s, short range and only a situational weapon art. Only thing it has going is it's little requirements and the shares the same scaling as the Claymore.
Someone should add item ID's here, e.g. Normal un-upgraded bastard sword = 005B8D80, then it should have the item ID's for each respective reinforcement level and infusion.
I am quite sure we are not in Cheat Engine forum
fcuking cheaters everywhere

and stupid enough to cheat a weapon available from the very beginning, Im guessing he couldnt even beat tutorial boss without cheat engine
Seriously, why did they remove the thrust it had in Dark Souls II?
because it Stomp is a superior WA compared to GS stance, and thrusts would make it OP to pair with Leo Ring. Also it's mostly about variety. While shorter, it has a better general moveset than the Claymore because 2-handed, its strong attack is a sweep, which compensates change of its normal attack that become vertical strikes when 2-handed.
The weapon art is so good. I love using stomp for the damage reduction when I think i can't dodge a hit, but most of all I love baiting people with it. They think the stomp part of the WA is done and they immediately think they can punish my ***... BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!
*****ing ugs inside of gs
Inferior to the Milwood battle axe in terms of heavy infusion for a pure str build but the WA can tip the scale in its favor in some instances