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Has anyone else noticed how the spear and straight sword movesets are both VERY similar to soul of cinder's moveset for that weapon type? You could do a really good SoC cosplay by holding those two weapons in right hand with firelink gs, and a pyro flame in left.
Are they weak to hollowslayer greatsword?
Good enemies to farm souls. ... With the Symbol of Avarice, the Covetous Silver Ring +3, the Shield of want and the Medicant's Staff, I get 45k on NG++. I always go to the Ringed Inner Wall Bonfire and from there through the tunnel to the garden where you meet the one Ringed Knight. Killing the 5 enemies on the way plus the Ringed Knight and returning back to the Bonfire will result in about 80k in one minute resp. 4.8m in one hour. And you get a lot of Dunge Pies, Lightning and Hollow Gems as well as Ringed knight armor.