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Use the shield Stone Parma which has Weapon Art (WA) is Weapon Skill. Equip the shield to your left hand and the Parrying Dagger to your right hand. At the result, when you perfrom WA, it will be a Parry.
If you forgot to use WA for the incoming attack, you might be safe because it blocks 100% damage. Hornet Ring is effective.
This style i recommend for players who are learning how to parry and players who want to fool other players.
I'll actually try that, as I need to get good at parrying, as I've avoided it for so long.
This needs a faster startup. It always had, and now it starts at the same time as *****ing medium shields?
This thing, now, is so bad...
To clear up some of the confusion about the parrying dagger, here is a spreadsheet of parry frame for each item.
As you can see, the parrying dagger is best used when parrying attack early.
"As you can see, the parrying dagger is best used when parrying attack early."

Sooo...the parry frames are the red boxes?
I parry better with this than I do with a small shield.
Is this a good choice for left hand when using farron UG
Why bother when the Farron UG already comes with a parrying dagger in 2 handed mode?
The parrying dagger has much longer frames than the farron dagger
Only really useful in the right-handed slot, otherwise the frames are too*****.
Are the extended parry frames the same even if I don't meet stat requirements?
I miss parrying with barehands
This weapon can become the lowest damaging malee weapon in the game at +0, while broken, unusable, and refined. Thought I'd throw this out here. 1 DAMAGE PER HIT META
el oh el
Can I use it as parry tool, if I don't meet stat requirements?
yep you can