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I really want to like this weapon, but i just cant. The damage buff doesnt last long enough and its damage just seems kinda low. Sure its not upgraded but i do better damage with a Dark Buff and other weapons which also offer the option for different buffs. The weapon looks cool, but thats about it.
Without the damage buff, the damage is terrible. With the damage buff its just rubbish. Outdone by other weapons with ease, looks cool but thats it. The buff has a low duration and add in the loss of weapon buffs and infusions it kinda just feels very lacking. Disappointing :/
Lol u are kiding right? Without buf f with 40/40 i'm getting 644 AR with dark clutch fire clutch, and blindfold with buff it jumps up to 810, then if I ned to i use power within and it jumps up to 960 ar that is nnot lacking... the buf lasts just long enough to rek some major*****
You can hit enemies with the activation of the WA, in a short distance in front of you. If they are just within range, it'll do a small amount of damage, I'm assuming fire damage, and if close up it hits with almost a full buffed R1 strike worth of damage. I mainly use it to KO a charging weaker enemy while buffing my weapon at the same time.
At 14 Str, 12 Dex, 40 Int, 40 Faith this weapon has 520 dmg and buffed with WA its has 665 dmg. I do a Vilhelm cosplay and use it with dark hand (rarely land it) and Filianore Chime or Canvas Talisman with Vow of Silence and Great Geal. Perfect for invasions (because you can stay alive with the heal) and 3vs3 are a win everytime.